29 Jun 2017

Gonna’ Have To Face It, You’re Addicted To War

By The last time I thought there might be a world war was in the 1980s. Ronald Reagan and his minions were placing cruise missiles designed to be armed with nuclear warheads all across Europe. Millions across Europe and the United States were protesting this deployment. Women set up permanent protest camps outside of US military bases in Britain and the US. Massive rallies, marches and occupations against the deployment took place in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Great Britain and other nations. Popular musicians (Nina’s “99 Luftballoons”, Grateful Dead’s “Throwing Stones”) penned songs against the plans and the madness of war in general. Meanwhile, Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher schemed and maneuvered the legislatures of their respective countries into approving the basing of nuclear missiles on their soil. The madness of the leaders and the war industry that leads them and the generals like so many craven submissives was all too clear and on display to the world.
Before that, there was my childhood. It was a childhood shared by millions of people in my generation; a childhood defined by the Cold War and its numerous hot flare-ups in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It was a childhood in which I spent a few weeks of first and second grade learning how to duck and cover in the classroom while the nun at the head of the class prayed for us all not to be attacked from Cuba.

Seymour Hersh Reports How Trump Bombed Syria On Completely False Pretenses

By Michael Krieger: Part of Trump’s appeal to many of his voters was, at least ostensibly, the idea that he would employ a less hawkish/neocon foreign policy than his opponent Hillary “We Came, We Saw, He Died” Clinton. While it’s still too early to decisively say that Trump will usher in yet another foreign policy disaster for these United States and the world, it’s certainly not looking good.
The lobbing of tomahawk missiles into Syrian based on the fairytale that Assad launched a chemical weapons attack was the first sign that Trump is easily manipulated and impulsive. In fact, the episode bothered me so much I wrote a post detailing the dire ramifications titled, Prepare for Impact – This is the Beginning of the End for U.S. Empire.  I suggest taking a read if you missed it the first time, it’s my most popular post of the year.
While that was bad enough, Trump’s cozying up to the barbaric, terrorist-supporitng leaders of Saudi Arabia has been by far the most concerning aspect of his foreign policy (if you can call it that) so far. This policy has become even more dangerous now that the 30-year old princeling who is leading the Saudis’ increasingly aggressive stance in the region has been named crown prince. It appears Trump is willing to let the Saudis do whatever they want in the region, which is guaranteed to have disastrous implications for America and the Middle East.

28 Jun 2017

News: More Female Blackmail

Turd Flinging Monkey: Using false [struggle snuggle] accusations isn't about sex, it's about power. They want to be able to threaten you and force you to comply with their wishes using the proxy-power of the government and Feminist court system.

Eventually, you will be forced to choose: submit, or fight?

Men And Women Are Held To Different Standards

6oodfella: One day men and women will be treated with equality, not feminist equality, actual equality.

ICMI17: Q&A Following The Screening Of ‘Martyrs Of Marriage’

Mike Buchanan: Deepika Bhardway is the filmmaker behind 'Martyrs of Marriage'. Her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DeepikaNaray...

Feminist Makeup Tutorial

Shoe0nHead: A good old fashioned huffpost shitpost

The Truth About Male Suicide

Men Are Good!: Men are nearly 80% of completed suicides and no one seems to care. The public, mental health professionals, researchers, all of them. This video takes a male friendly look at what is not seen or discussed in the mainstream.

Bill Cosby Going On Tour Warning Of False Sex Assault Allegations!

Raging Golden Eagle: Since he's free for now due to a hung jury, Cosby has decided to do some good and try to warn as many young people as possible of our broken and corrupt "justice" system.

Nutrition For Mental Health: The Importance Of Protein

By : This is my first post for the MHRM. I’ll be writing about men’s health and nutrition, and nutrition for mental health in particular. Many men who are dealing with the kinds of problems we discuss on AVfM also experience depression or anxiety. Whether their situation involves a vindictive ex wife, domestic violence, or something else entirely, mental health problems are often a result.
I focus on helping men improve both their mental and physical health through nutrition. I realized we are already aware of the importance of healthy food as PE put out his video “White Food is Evil” last year. I want to expand on his ideas and provide more detailed, useful information that men can implement in their own lives to improve their health and manage their mood.
If you find yourself in a trying situation like a biased battle in family court it’s easy to fall into a diet of fast food or just skipping meals. But you need to be as clear-headed as possible to give yourself every advantage you can. That means eating good food! Today I’m going to talk about the importance of protein when it comes to mental health. Protein is a natural mood stabilizer and I’ll explain the science behind this shortly.

Hacker From Planet Russkie - William Banzai7

ICMI17: Miranda Devine - Curse Of The Frightbats: Feminism’s Final Salvo

Mike Buchanan: Miranda Devine is an Australian columnist and writer noted for her conservative stance on a range of social and political issues. Her column, formerly printed twice weekly in Fairfax Media newspapers The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald, now appears in the News Limited newspapers.

27 Jun 2017

Palestinian Expo 2017: The UK Government And The Lobby

By Gilad Atzmon: Over the last decade, Palestinian solidarity has been hijacked by many Jewish organisations - JVP, IJAN, J-BIGand also by other insipid left-leaning groups that in practice, have reduced Palestinian solidarity into a paradigm that is lame, meaningless and leads absolutely nowhere. This loose collective of tribal and Identitarian merchants has managed to reduce the magisterial Palestinian call for Right of Return into a squalid and self-serving Jewish internal debate about the ‘Right to BDS.’ The discourse of the oppressed is now defined by the sensitivities of the oppressor.
Palestine Expo 2017 , scheduled to take place on the weekend of July 8-9 at the QE2 centre, could have been an attempt to re-instate the meaning of Palestine: its culture, its politics and its call for liberation. It could have reinvigorated resistance and, most importantly, put the Right of Return at its heart. It could even have attempted to redefine and solidify the Palestinian conditions for peace in the region.