21 Sep 2006

The New Rubbish Regime

On the 29th of August 2006, Cllr. Gary Hopkins stated in a letter to the EP that kitchen waste collected from Bristol Streets in June was “already being used on Somerset fields” as fertilizer. In other words, he said that the process of composting took less than ten weeks.

However on 12th of September the EP talked to the company in Dorset that is dealing with Bristol’s composting. They reported that it is currently only being used in Dorset and that the total time from start to finish of their composting process is over 4 months!

As a keen gardener I have never been able to create home compost in less than a year. If Cllr. Hopkins has some secret knowledge or method by which we could all produce compost in about two months, would he please share this knowledge at least with the gardeners and allotment holders of Bristol if not the company he chose to do our recycling?

Surely this will encourage many more people to try home composting, which is one of his stated aims?


Question: What has been your experience of the new recycling regime?

UPDATE: 31st of October 2006
The outcry across the city about the green bins with their covert surveillance device (the spy-chip) has made the Lib Dem lead council back down and offer paper green bags instead. At least with the bags you only need to use it as often as you have garden waste, but they are still charging you for collecting them, unlike other neighbouring councils.

Angelo says: “Please go back to weekly collections for black bins!” I have personally seen around St George West the public health hazard that has been the result of the two-weekly collection. The only happy creatures are the maggots, rats seagulls and foxes that are feasting on it.

UPDATE: 11th of November 2006

It was pointed out to me (as I do not tend to read that news paper) that in the Daily Mail today:

“The scrapping of weekly collections has caused alarm and fears over hygiene and health.

This autumn Defra has belatedly, ordered an inquiry into the health implications of fortnightly collections.”

In my household we have a phrase for this “Good morning Athens!” Of course the winter will suppress this situation somewhat but I ask you who is looking forward to our next summer of bi-weekly collections?


How to Stop Junk Mail!
Save trees and help our postmen and women. You may not know that the majority of Royal Mail deliveries are now junk mail. Our postal workers have signed contracts, that if they refuse to deliver anything they will be sacked, but you can help them and yourself from being deluged by this junk: send an A4 sae to: Door_To_Door Opt-Outs, Royal Mail Kingsmead House, Oxpens Road, Oxford OX1 1RX or contact me and I will give you one of their forms and you will have less to put in your bins!

2 Sep 2006

THE "2006" St George West PARTY in the park

We hope this is the beginning of an annual event to promote the interests of our park. Send your pictures of the party for posting here. Thanks to Body English and all contributors.

All the preparation doesn't stop us having fun. Weather permitting.

We have to say it was a good day... Thanks to the many more people to who did our survey on the day, it's getting big and we are now getting a far clearer picture. I think we should soon be able to post feedback on the main issues and most wanted changes. Remember, we have sparked of a citywide action by the council and so our survey will be handed to the parks manager as part of this so please continue to send your suggestions or post them right here.

Update: 14th of January 2007
Look what they did to our blog art. We like the colour though. If they were only as judicious at keeping our park in order and up to date.