26 Oct 2007

11 Sep 2007


By Stella Hender: Update 11th of September: Tonight's full council meeting is the first one ever to be web cast (we will have a link asap) and guess what, some lazy bleeping councilors of tried to CANCEL the meeting! The Lib Dem whip Mark Baily tried to pressurise councilors and officers to abandon the meeting on the grounds that there was not enough business on the agenda after the Summer break.

For a change, Stephen McNamara the town clerk stepped in as a champion of local democracy and told them that it was a scheduled council meeting which the public were taking part in and he could not cancel it.

Back bench councilors now receive £11,000.00 per year of our tax payers money (each) and the 10 council meetings are the only ones that they are legally obliged to attend in order to receive that salary. That's £1,100.00 per meeting!!!

Trust the "'Liberal' 'Democrats'" to instigate this action. Earlier this year they already tried to reduce the number of council meetings from 10 to 6! That would be £1833.33 per meeting!

The full council meeting is the only opportunity that the public have (that's you and I folks) to see in action and make representations to, the full council.

Is it a coincidence that the very first meeting scheduled to be web cast is the one the Lib Dems wanted to cancel? They would not wish us to be able to so easily see that their behaviour in the chamber is at best that of naughty school children and at worst, animals in the zoo (though a lot less interesting).

Update additional:
At the first web cast meeting, the Liberal Democrat group on Bristol city council bizarrely, but quite deliberately, made themselves the enemies of Bristol's large student population, and in the process may have lost their MP Stephen Williams' chances of keeping his seat(Bristol West) at the next general election.

Despite having ten councillors in the "Clifton" wards which are the home of many hundreds of students of Bristol University, and 2 in Lockleaze, where students for UWE live, they put a motion to council to support an Early Day Motion in Parliament which specifically calls for the licencing of "student properties" to make them easier to control in the planning process, so that they will not all necessarily be concentrated in these wards.

Not surprisingly, this singling out of students and clearly naming them as being responsible for problems such as noise, anti social behaviour, rubbish, extra cars,etc, was not appreciated by the Student Union, who sent a delegation to the council to forcefully argue their case. They wanted cllrs to omit the part of the motion that mentioned the EDM about students,which was an amendment put forward by the Labour cllrs. (Even though the EDM was being placed before parliament by a Labour MP!)

The Conservative cllrs all voted with the Lib Dems.
The student leader said to "Eyes Right" outside, "If the words 'black' or 'Jewish' were used instead, they would not dare to support it." (the EDM.)

However, the most shocking scenes came when the amendment had been lost and the students left the public gallery. Without exception, the whole "Liberal" "Democrat" group began to gesture, heckle and jeer at them, with shouts of "oh, poor little loves, we'll put your fees up next year" and so on. Such scenes are a disgrace to local democracy and it remains to be seen whether this episode will be screened on the web cast. "Eyes Right" will make a protest if it is censored out!

10 Sep 2007

The Forgotten Estate

I am very pleased that members of my team have helped residents of the re-built pre-fab estate (Whitehall Rd/Plummers Hill) start up their own newsletter called "The W.A.S.P"

(Whitehall Rd & Ave, Alder Drive, Sycamore Close & Plummers Hill) Because this estate has a large number of elderly and disabled residents and no warden.


This newsletter is designed for them to keep in touch with one another and share their problems, give help and advice, organise meetings, days out, and advertise useful local events and services.

Residents are taking it in turns to edit and write the newsletter, which is funded by local donations, and not influenced by the council or any politician.
One of the first questions the W.A.S.P. asked was , did anyone who signed the petition for improvements on the estate, which I handed in to the council in June, get an answer? Within a few minutes of delivering the newsletter, a resident handed us a letter from IAN CRAWLEY, Director of Housing, dated August 9th. This was the ONLY letter received by anyone as far as we know.

This letter is promising footpath improvements on Plummers Hill, Alder Drive and Whitehall Rd, as well as one of the entrances on Plummers Hill, when they have received quotes from contractors.
(As yet no work has been started.) Well, this is a start, although they have ignored the request for the lanes at Sycamore Close to be looked at, or the other two entrances on Plummers Hill!

Apparently the council are also re-acting promptly to reports of individual blocked drains on the estate, which is good news.
By far the most interesting part of the letter is the fact that the works are being organised by an estate manager for Bristol North, Andy Baynton. Mr. Baynton is based at Southmead, so we can only speculate as to why he has been put in charge? Could it have been the total lack of response from the local housing office over the last two years? Whatever the reason, things seem to be moving at last, and I am sure "The W.A.S.P." will continue to buzz around bringing news and advice and chasing the council over the many problems the residents of the re-built pre fabs are experiencing.

I am particularly pleased to see that BOVIS HOMES have agreed to use the newsletter as a way of regularly informing local people of the progress of their new estate, which will be built over the next two years.

Update 17th September 2007:
Following on from the above, we have news of a major success as a direct result of the residents petition which I presented to the council. Sycamore Close is at last having their unsafe path completely repaired and resurfaced with tarmac, after 5 years of complaining.

All the paths in the estate are to be spot repaired with concrete to make them less hazardous. The council has also promised to build proper kerb stones at an entrance to the estate from Plummers Hill to stop mud and stones washing over the path every time it rains.

They are also promising to look into the other issues raised by the petition. Indeed the director of housing Ian Crawley has stated that he will look into the background of the problems faced by residents and take a personal interest.

We hope that these promises will be kept and will be monitoring the progress or otherwise of these long awaited improvements.

Update 25th October 2007:

Success from our petition: Contractors have actually been to cost up and give the council a quote for the works on the lanes.

W.A.S.P. newsletter has commented that the residents hope that the council will look at the quotes and see that it makes more financial sense to completely renovate and not just spot repair these lanes.

The bad news is that Bovis Homes has yet to respond to recent queries regarding the recent closure of the residents vital footpath link through to Howard Avenue.

Last year Bovis Homes promised us that they would keep this access way open for the many elderly and disabled locals who rely on this shortcut to the park and shops. I hope that they are not reneging on this promise made by Alan Cook their technical services director. We are waiting to hear of their reply to W.A.S.P.

More bad news for the council tenants on the estate. The council has recently told individual tenants that council workers will no longer come out to replace their security light bulbs. They say that it is now the tenants responsibility, but no one has had anything in writing about this change in their tenancy agreements.

The security lights are over six feet up the wall and therefore virtually impossible for those who are disabled to change without help. in view of the fact that we are so concerned these days to help the elderly/disabled to live in their own homes and enjoy a secure environment, we think this is disgraceful.

As usual one step forward two steps back for the forgotten estate. As we are constantly reminding them (the council), perhaps we should rename it the forgettable/ignored estate.

Add to this the councils latest wheeze to charge these and 2,500 other similar tenants £3.50 per week for their emergency alarm system. You would be forgiven for thinking that the council would have them all just, shut up and die.

10 Aug 2007

Friends of the Park "Vibe"

Friends of St George Park

Vibe in the park marked a milestone in the history of our park. This time last year, we had a stall for our park survey which had been designed by local residents and park users of all age groups. This year the Friends of St George Park (Started 19th July 2007) had a stall to raise funds and awareness for the future improvements needed (in case there is any confusion 'Friends of St George Park' is not a conservative group, it is completely independent and made up of local residents).

It's not all talk either, local people have given of their time and braved weather to make this happen and for example 'Friends of St George Park' now have a photographic record of all benches in need of repair. Local people are beginning to hold those responsible to account.

I know that those who attended the Vibe on the 9th of September felt that change and improvement were clearly afoot.

We have so many local talents, in fact everything we need to make this happen is on our doorstep and it is happening now. Get involved, click on this text or the St George Park Link to your right for more information.

18 Jun 2007


I am happy to introduce a new, regular, column from my team and myself who are busy watching council meetings and reporting back to you, on this, OUR website.

Update: 10th of August 2007

At the council meeting on July 17th, a CONSERVATIVE motion re-affirming the councils long-standing opposition to congestion charging was passed.

However an amendment by the Liberal UnDems that Bristol should NOT have a referendum on the issue was added, and passed, with LABOUR support, effectively castrating the motion and making it council policy that we, the tax payers who pay their salaries, cannot vote on this crucial matter.


Comment: However, in a free society, it is hard to see how a vote like this could prevent us having a say - remember that nearly 2M people voted against congestion charging on a govt website, a result that might persuade new PM Gordon Brown to come out against it to try and win an early election! It would be ironic if it turns out that our local Labour Cllrs here in St. George have voted locally in the opposite way to their new Prime Minister!

You can still sign the petition for a referendum on road charging on this blog, and on Angelo's new leaflet, ST GEORGE WEST MATTERS (also shown on the blog so you can print off a paper copy as well.)

Original Post:

Labour running Bristol with Tory support - lower council tax promised

The new administration of Bcc, Labour supported by the Conservatives, has survived its first few weeks. Both parties are denying it is a formal coalition , instead an arrangement purely for the better government of Bristol. An early success is the last council meeting passing a motion to use the spare cash in the council tax collection account to keep down next years council tax. Proposed by the Conservatives and seconded by Labour, the Liberal Democrats, now all relegated to the 'back benches' unanimously voted against.

Of great interest to St. George West, the new Transport Boss is MARK BRADSHAW. He inherits the implementing of the Bus Route from the inept Dennis Brown. (Good riddance.) We hope Mark will answer our recent questions (see comments section below for Angelo's Questions to Mark Bradshaw) and continue the very welcome scrapping of the bus lanes (the contraflow lane out of old market - SCRAPPED!) and re -think parking restrictions and no- turning orders along the route. We are told that the TRO for the phase 2 work will be published soon and intend to study it and publish it on the website. The recent news that residents of Barton Hill are STILL unhappy with the plans for the Ducie Road junction is proof - if it were needed - that the so-called consultation was an expensive shambles.

Mark also has inherited Waste Management from "King Rat" Lib Dem Gary Hopkins. Waste management , including the dreaded 2-week collections, is being re-visited by the new administration, using a "citizens jury." These are chosen at random from the electoral roll. But anyone can submit ideas to them. Members of my team are putting forward proposals already and you can read them on the website.

The Standards Committee: this is your 'watchdog' that is supposed to ensure councillors and anyone else voting on council committees (including co-optees) upholds high standards in public life. My team heard at a recent meeting of this committee that there are an average 120 complaints a year against Bcc Cllrs, of which 36 are found serious enough to investigate. Who are they? what are the complaints about ? what are the results? As usual, this has been a mystery to the public. We hope that the recent well publicised complaint against Cllr Holland is a precedent and that the public will be better informed in future.

We are watching the watchdog! Our reports from the Standards Committee will be posted on the website.

21 May 2007

The Park

Update: 19th July 2007
WE DID IT!!! Today our Park Group was officially established and a committee of local people elected.

The Original Post:
In response to the recent St Georges Park letter in the Evening Post, dated 11
th June 2007.


I would like to inform this new resident of St George and bring your readers up to date.

Around a year ago, being of a similar opinion to your writer I began a survey which included the views and requests of all users including the kids who use the skate park, the elderly and families with young children. There was a excellent response and so I called a public meeting at the Beehive Centre in St George in October last year.

Around one hundred people attended including the parks officer Richard Fletcher to whom I publicly handed the response to our survey.

We were told of the many other parks that had organised themselves and found sources of funds ranging up to £100,000 in one year.

It is clear why our park is in such a state under the stewardship of our local Councillors. Although they attended without identifying themselves. In regards to our plan to set up a friends of St Georges Park Group they told us that we were "trying to reinvent the wheel".

Unfortunately the Council officer felt it was a good idea to waste more time and our money with a further survey which revealed the same views as the original.

I thought that having the councils support would help, but so far it has only managed to slow down proceedings. (Of course there was the recent sensitive tree felling program and maybe they wanted us out of the way for that.)

Until the group has been officially established, we are unable to access any of the available funds charitable or otherwise.

May I say in direct response to your readers letter that both surveys echoed the writers sentiments. All the issues raised are high on the priority list amongst local residents as are a better play area, lighting, seating and the reinstatement of the railings for the improved look and security of our park among many other things.

Anyone interested in helping to steer this group or support it in any manner is welcome. Please call me on 07867971717 if you would like to get involved.

Thanks EP for highlighting our park. We would like to present our park to you in the future in a far better light.

Angelo Agathangelou
Recent Conservative City Council Candidate
for St George West

7 May 2007

Post Election Blues?


I feel humbled by the massive support and trust shown to me, my team and the campaign we ran.

The results for 2007 after only 10 months of campaigning speak for themselves.
Labour 1118 = 38%, Conservative 1077 = 37%
Lib-Dem 729 = 25%.

Compared to 2005 (general election higher turnout)
Labour 47%, Lib-Dem 28%, Conservative 18%, Green 7%.

Or 2003 Labour 1044 = 45%, Lib-Dem 525 = 23%, Conservative 438 = 19%,
Bristolian 182 = 8%, Green Party 135 = 6%

How do I feel, fantastic! I will continue to fight for our neighbourhood and its residents. (the excel charts above are actual and not spun! This is also true of the content of our newsletters and we think worthy of note.)

IS THAT IT? Is it hell.

We are local people (residents and businesses) who are outraged to one degree or another with the established administration (our Labour Councillors).

We have already achieved much on the ground and clearly stimulated and influenced local debate. We have only just begun.

I'll keep you posted of our activities. There are several burning hot issues to be resolved and the rest.

Thanks to all who voted for us, thanks to my family and friends for their support,
my agent and my team of traders and residents who you may have noticed outside the polling stations braving the cold from 7am. Thanks everyone.

14 Apr 2007

“Monitoring the Situation”



Update: Monday July 9th 2007
Yet more traffic chaos promised for St George! With the opening of the bus route only two months away, the council published today the daily closure of Crews Hole Road, due to road works for up to 18 months and guess where they are going to send the traffic in stead, up Troopers Hill Road, Air Baloon Road, Summerhill Road, Church Road and Blackswarth Road! Great timing guys, Bristol City Planning Dept. strikes again!

It seems that nothing escapes the eagle eyes of my team!

Siemens number plate recognition cameras (same as in central London) warn us of Lib Dem council cabinet’s stealth move toward road pricing in St George! - We all know that the timetable for this for ‘Road Pricing’ is set for after the completion of 5 ‘showcase bus routes’. - After the Evening Post aptly described us as spearheading the campaign for improvements to Dennis the Menace’s (Lib Dem who lives way across town) farcical ideas for our high street, many of you have been in touch regarding various deeply concerning and various issues from up and down the route, including the £30,000 monstrosities that have recently appeared (those inverse L posts that hang traffic lights over the middle of the road) on our Victorian high street.

It is clear that little thought has been given to the impact on local residents and traders. - It’s the little things too! - Giaccomo has been one of our local barbers on Church Road for over 35 years! After recent changes to the pavement, the shop now becomes flooded when it rains causing a hazard to staff and customers alike! - A disabled resident living on Church Road is losing his parking bay, an issue we had feared and raised from the beginning. - I can report that ‘The Menace’ has informed us through one resident that he now agrees that the stretch between Blackswarth / Chalks and the fountain on Church Road is too narrow for a red 24 hour bus lane strip. - On this information we walked down to our friend Steve’s shop ‘STUFF’ and measured the width there… 6 inches narrower!!! Barely 9 meters across! - It would seem then that we should not be having an unnecessary red strip on our high road either.

We are all pretty sick of the roadwork on Church Road. We would cope better with change, if we thought that the final product would do us proud

If we are to have the best chance to reverse these menacing follies, I am your man for the local councillor election for May 3rd. I do not want to see the loss of one more parking space from our side streets.

To those who find it odd that whilst we have 2 labour councillors, I am the one fighting for the ‘Labour Club’ to save their parking on Beaconsfield Road, get over it! I stand for those living and working in St George, regardless of their politics.

On May 3rd

"Help me fight for St George!"

Angelo Agathangelou.

10 Mar 2007

'St Georges Park' form new Neigbourhood Watch

Neighbours in St Georges Park have set up a new neighbourhood watch covering Sherbourne, Salisbury, Hedwick, Ebenezer and Seneca Streets.

This is in direct response to recent attempted and actual crimes. We are liasing with other successful schemes around St. George West.

Practical measures like this are what are needed to give our more vulnerable neighbours confidence – not endless “crime surveys” which only tell us what those of us that already live here (and the police) already know.

I am greatly heartened by the response of the residents our confirmed members already number over 40 and I am sure this in itself will contribute to deterring criminals thinking of targeting these streets.

28 Feb 2007


Our local election is on the 3rd of May! TODAY!!! I am proud to be your Conservative Candidate for St George West.

I have lived here since 2000 and although there have been many improvements, I believe there is still so much that could be done to put our vibrant Bristol village on the map.

Some of you may already know me through my work, running my own local small business as an electrician and as I am often in our park with my two young sons. Many of you have already spoken to me about issues that concern you and the way the city council is being run. I can assure you that I am here to campaign for all St. George West residents regardless of your politics, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

As well as being a father of two young children who go to Greek school in Easton, I have campaigned at a national level for human rights and the opening up of the family courts. I have a personal knowledge of the conflict in the middle east at the moment as although I was born in England I still do have family in Cyprus. I am dismayed by the hostilities and the massive loss of and disruption of life regarding the current conflict in that region and would welcome your opinions.

I am very pleased to have been chosen by the local conservatives to stand for St. George West in next years local election. The history of this party which I personally connect with does, given that it has been the most prolific, neceserily include some of the greatest achievements of our country including interestingly the abolition of slavery.

There are clearly perceptions of the shades of issues of decades past regarding our party. I also know that the adult life that has lead me here has not found the answers to the issues its has encountered in the government that has been in power for the large part of it.

I see the conservative party as, less bureaucracy, lower council tax, greater faith in the judgement of the individual and the pushing back of the nanny state and I think these are aspects of the party legacy that we can all live with. David Cameron clinched it for me basically because I feel that he has the potential to represent me. I feel connected with what I perceive to be, finally, the correct personality to go with the legacy.

I need to mention my strong support for the party's stance regarding the rights of children and their fathers. It is a stark reality for fathers that no other party is even contemplating validating the equality of fatherhood to motherhood using, in essence, the same sexist arguments used against women in the past. The deceptively widespread misery caused is a gaping wound at the heart of our nation. Emmeline Pankhurst is a hero of mine and I am proud to be a modern conservative. Interestingly, so was she!

Campaigning over the last year in St George has been an eye opener. Local issues are practical and concern the quality of our daily lives. They include problems with parking, rodents, dissatisfaction with council action and inaction and concerns about the rising rate of crime in our area (among many, many, other things).

I have fought hard for our local issues whilst our current councillors have been silent when it mattered. Vote for me this May 3rd and let us make St George ship shape and Bristol fashion again.

Because St George West is not just a fringe to Easton or a through route for busses from the outskirts. Because on these and many other issues I think St George West and its residents matter!

Angelo Agathangelou

Budget Success!

Conservatives WIN £250,000 for City Parks

On Tuesday 27th of February my Conservative colleagues on Bristol City Council won an extra £250,000 for our City Parks in the budget debate.

This is to be targeted at parks development and children’s/young peoples play areas.

I instructed our spokesman Cllr. Ashley Fox (Conservative) that among many things we need in St Georges Park, he should ask for the following improvements.

A manned first aid post
Safety surfacing on little kids areas and an extended play area
Many more benches for their parents
Toilets that are open
A full time warden

Cllr. Fox reported to me that our local Labour councillor spoke against our proposals for more spending on parks and play areas!

I find this extraordinary. When we met this January along with residents on a guided tour of our park to look at the tree-felling program, I thought that they were just as keen to see improvements in the park as the rest of us are. We shook hands on this issue.

If elected on May the 3rd I fully intend to work with anyone regardless of political party who is serious about improving our facilities and quality of life in St George West.

Bus Route Consultation Shambles

Update: August 29th 2007
The council Finally publish the new Traffic Regulation Order for the new bus lanes through St George. Here it is for your information.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

UPDATE: 31st July 2007
. More traders in Old Market say they may have to close because of the bus route. See also 'TAKE FIVE' for the opinions of traders in Old Market and Beyond.

After 2 years of so called 'consultation' (so our MP Kerry McArthy claims) the residents of Barton Hill are still unhappy about the no right turn into Ducie Road. I recently delivered the information leaflet below to residents and traders in the area. I understand that the Barton hill settlement have stated in the press that they will support any protest about this 'Traffic Regulation Order' which effectively cuts off Barton Hill and I hope that they will 'put their money where their mouth is!'

NO RIGHT TURN into DUCIE ROAD from Lawrence Hill, from Aug 17th ~ TRO published in Bristol Evening Post July 23rd ~ Anyone objecting to this order has until AUGUST 30th 2007 to apply to the High Court. ~ “The residents of Barton Hill are still unhappy about this change, which proves that the 2 years of so-called consultation have been an expensive sham.” ~
Angelo Agathangelou, St. George West Conservatives ~ to see the history of the campaign against the worst aspects of the bus route by residents and traders, visit: wwwstgeorgewest.blogspot.com

The Original Post:


These were the questions I presented to the councils planning department on January 30th regarding the general feeling towards the so-called consultation about their proposed changes to our existing bus route.

I will keep you posted with their replies!

1. We (over 2000 residents and traders who took part in the consultation) feel that the consultation has been a whitewash. What exactly did you mean by consultation bearing in mind that your ‘statement of community involvement’ is supposed to state that ‘the community must have confidence that its views will influence planning decisions, from the very beginning of the process, right through to the end.’ (Quote, the civic society bulletin April 2006)

2. Do you accept that your own summary of the first phase of consultation clearly shows that 90% of the respondees were objecting to your plans and should this not influence at least 90% changes in the direction of views and comments?

3. Did any one else bother to quantify the loss of residents parking and if so, what figure did they come up with and for which specific area?

4. (Personal allegations against council officers.)
5. (Personal allegations against council officers.)

6. Why was St George East not consulted nor furnished with a map showing their portion of the bus route?

7. Why did the map that was published not show the new proposed double yellow lines and build outs at Kensington Road and Glen Park Road? And do you accept that this means that the residents of these streets were not consulted?

8. (Personal allegations against council officers.)
9. (Personal allegations against council officers.)

10. Why has the City Academy never been consulted about the HGV diversion past its gates, (clearly stated as answers in the councils own report to questions by local businesses)?

Summary: Given the overwhelming evidence in your own report, given the overwhelming evidence of the massive public opposition, will you not just go ahead with the changes we all welcome such as better bus shelters with electronic information, build ups, pedestrian crossings, improvements to traffic lights and car parks and scrap plans for ANY loss of residents parking, dedicated bus lanes, no turning orders and further speed restrictions through the area from Lawrence Hill through St George to the borders of St George East?

I am the only candidate in this election that has spoken out against the detrimental effects to our residents and traders, indeed ironically (but standard as far as I am concerned) I have been told that I am the only candidate who has supported the 'Labour Club' on Church Road over the loss of most of their parking.

14 Jan 2007


There was more than one thing for the chop in St Georges Park this week. Photos by Tim Hughes.

The Gentlemen responsible for felling from our city council were kind enough to explain in some detail their reasons and future plans.

It is clear on close inspection how diseased many of our parks trees are. Our recent blustery spell resulted in much damage to many of these trees and the national news report that a fallen tree had killed a man only adds weight to their arguments about public safety.

Some residents were very distressed by the proposals and worried about the loss of the protective canopy offered as well as the blight this might mean while we wait 30 years to see the benefits of the replacements. I agree particularly with the second sentiment and believe this is our lesson for the future.


We could have understood a plan to replace various trees over 10 or 20 years. The residents and I are shocked at the sheer number of mature trees that are to go in one fell swoop!

Thank goodness for and let us keep our fingers crossed for success in the future for 'The Friends of St Georges Park". Perhaps then we may ensure such calamities do not blight our lovely park in the future. (Keep an eye on our blog, friends of the park steering group and any new people who want to be involved welcome meeting expected at the end of January.)

The second thing for the chop was more metaphorical. At the party in the park last year, which we helped to promote, the kids had a graffiti competition. They also graffitied some of the new ramps that the organiser body English raised funds to install. Grateful for the props, the kids’ graffitied our blog address on one of the ramps. The council saw fit to over paint this in a rather nice blue in the new year. Did they run out of paint? No they recon our blog is getting too political. At last, RECOGNITION! (check the party post Sept 2nd 2006)

12 Jan 2007

They rolled out the BIG GUN!

So, we get together as a community, produce a petition and put over 1200 of our names on it, not to mention many other great local individuals like Steve of ‘Stuff’ who has made enough publicity for all of us and Paulette of ‘Jones the Bread’ who collected another 500 signatures herself and so on and so forth.

Despite the overwhelming public opposition, our MP Kerry McCarthy chose to attack our campaign in print in the Evening Post. Shame!

You can read her letter and my ‘right of reply’ that was published a few days later in the comments section of this post, for those of you who only read the EP for the football!

We presume that bearing in mind that she is our MP and that our current local councillors are also labour party and profess they care, that our area will NOT be blighted with some of these calamitous proposed changes!

Oh but of course, let us not forget this whole thing was planned and funded by them in the first place. Well that’s labour spin for you.

2 Jan 2007

Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission on 30th of January

Re: The so-called showcase bus route.

Just to let you know that the ‘Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission on 30th of January’ is our next step and the appropriate forum to help our City Cabinet to recognise some of the shortcomings of their so-called consultation that seemed to us more like a white wash.

Please feel free to write your statements ‘for the attention of the Clerk of the Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission'. Thanks to those of you who have already done this (check this postings comments section). Please e-mail your comments to me at angelo@stgeorgewest.com

Our comments will be submitted with a new 5 min video. All suggestions are welcome.

Would you like to make a comment on our video?

We will update with the address of the venue for the commission soon. Check for future updates as this issue is live!

Update: 31st January
Click on the PLAY button to see the video part of our presentation to the Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission.

The proof of the pudding shall be the replies to our questions and whether or not the authorities open a dialogue as was properly suggested at the meeting. I shall keep you up to date and add to this post soon.