14 Jan 2007


There was more than one thing for the chop in St Georges Park this week. Photos by Tim Hughes.

The Gentlemen responsible for felling from our city council were kind enough to explain in some detail their reasons and future plans.

It is clear on close inspection how diseased many of our parks trees are. Our recent blustery spell resulted in much damage to many of these trees and the national news report that a fallen tree had killed a man only adds weight to their arguments about public safety.

Some residents were very distressed by the proposals and worried about the loss of the protective canopy offered as well as the blight this might mean while we wait 30 years to see the benefits of the replacements. I agree particularly with the second sentiment and believe this is our lesson for the future.


We could have understood a plan to replace various trees over 10 or 20 years. The residents and I are shocked at the sheer number of mature trees that are to go in one fell swoop!

Thank goodness for and let us keep our fingers crossed for success in the future for 'The Friends of St Georges Park". Perhaps then we may ensure such calamities do not blight our lovely park in the future. (Keep an eye on our blog, friends of the park steering group and any new people who want to be involved welcome meeting expected at the end of January.)

The second thing for the chop was more metaphorical. At the party in the park last year, which we helped to promote, the kids had a graffiti competition. They also graffitied some of the new ramps that the organiser body English raised funds to install. Grateful for the props, the kids’ graffitied our blog address on one of the ramps. The council saw fit to over paint this in a rather nice blue in the new year. Did they run out of paint? No they recon our blog is getting too political. At last, RECOGNITION! (check the party post Sept 2nd 2006)