16 Sep 2011

Mad at War = Mad at the Banks

If you’re mad at war, you should be mad at the banks. The artist that recently sold Chase Bank Burning for over $25,000 on e-bay continues to protest. Of course the UK is the 51st state of the USA and so our problems are identical.

Cut Out The Middle-person "Government"

Here is a simple idea to cut expenses.

Instead of sending our industry to China to cut costs, why don't we fire 99% of government except for a service centre and individuals voted to represent/oversee departments plus a new elected research and development think-tank and vote directly on important issues such as education, health care and war.

As Gerald Celente says, if we can bank online, we can vote online.

Then we might have a democracy instead of this bastard fascist marriage of government used by banking or the banksters, to suck us dry in perpetuity!