9 Oct 2011

What is the legacy of Steve Jobs?

Clearly copyright Law is a tool for the 0.01% and we agree with Max Keiser on this point. Our sympathy goes out to SJ's family and friends. The rest of the interview supports why we have a permanent tab to Max's site. Lays bare the hoard of money Apple sits on verses the slave labour used to create its products. These old practices are pertinent to the world dialogue for solutions to the current crisis. More straight talk from politicians., "If you don't know, own up and book up, fast."

Warren Attacks Obama and Alan Grayson Steals the Show

It's been three years since the meltdown, and there's been no accountability for the Wall Street tycoons, says LIz Warren at the first debate of Democrats in Massachusetts fighting for the right to challenge Scott Brown for "Ted Kennedy's Seat." Her comments represent a direct attack on President Obama and congressional dems, who had two years of total control in Washington immediately following the crash.

By only using truth and logic Alan Grayson exposes the general ignorance.
Federal Reserve stealing money from the people. 
Bernanke getting slammed!

Occupy Wall Street: Revolution or Chaos?

Occupy Dublin First Night