27 Jun 2012

Who Destroyed the Middle Class, Part 3

By James Quinn: This is the 3rd and final chapter of my series about the destruction of the middle class. In Part 1 of this series I addressed where and how the net worth of the middle class was stolen. In Part 2, I focused on the culprits in this grand theft and in Part 3, I will try to figure out why they stole your net worth and what would be required to restore sanity to this world.

Dude, Why Did They Steal My Net Worth?

“I have no problem with people becoming billionaires—if they got there by winning a fair race, if their accomplishments merit it, if they pay their fair share of taxes, and if they don’t corrupt their society. Most of them became wealthy by being well connected and crooked. And they are creating a society in which they can commit hugely damaging economic crimes with impunity, and in which only children of the wealthy have the opportunity to become successful. That’s what I have a problem with. And I think most people agree with me." Charles FergusonPredator Nation
It is clear to me that a small cabal of politically connected elites have purposefully stripped the middle class of their wealth and openly flaunted their complete disregard for the laws and financial regulations meant to enforce a fair playing field. Why did they gut the middle class in their rapacious appetite for riches? Why did the scorpion sting the frog while crossing the river, dooming them both?

'US should be excluded from talks over Syria just like Iran'

An international conference of countries which have influence on events in Syria is scheduled for this Saturday in Geneva. It aims to try to find a solution to the crisis. Iran hasn't been invited, despite earlier statements from the UN's Syria envoy "who caved in" Kofi Annan that it should be part of the peace process. - Sara Marusek, researcher from Syracuse University in Beirut. Source

Will India Implement The First "Executive Order 6102" Of The 21st Century?

Tyler Durden's picture: Something strange has been happening in India in the last year: while the rest of the "developed" world has been doing all in its power to crush its currency in order to promote exports within a globalist mercantilist system suddenly gone haywire, India has had the opposite problem: with its economy slowing down even as rampant inflation persists, its currency has been sliding against all other currencies. But probably more importantly: plunging against gold, as can be seen on the chart enclosed.
It appears that finally after months of "being long of Gold in Indian Rupee terms" having proven to be quite a resilient and profitable strategy, the Indian state has also figured it out. And they are unhappy. Because to them, the key reason for the rupee weakness has nothing to do with the actual economy, and all to do with the Indian population trying to protect against currency debasement coupled with inflation: i.e., purchasing gold. And they will no longer allow it.

Outline on Collapse End Game - Jim Willie

Many are the events, signals, and telltale clues of a real live actual systemic failure in progress. Until the last several months, such banter was dismissed by the soldiers in the financial arena. But lately, they cannot dismiss the onslaught of evidence, a veritable plethora of ugly symptoms of conditions gone terribly wrong and solutions at best gone awry and at worst never intended in the first place. My theory has been steady from the TARP Fund scandal and the Too Big To Fail mantra of deceit. The plan all along since the breakdown began in September 2008 has been to preserve power, to maintain intact the insolvent banks an operational crew of zombies, to aid the financial sector bound in Wall Street, to pay benign neglect to Main Street and businesses (expect for symbols like General Motors), to expand the propaganda of a fictional recovery, and to maintain the endless wars. The wars serve two purposes, to enable significant fraud from overcharged services, and to hold open the gateways for sizeable money laundering flows into the Wall Street banks, those hollow structures that closely resemble a coke addict with dark teeth, wretched bones, wasted organs, lost attention, and a listless gait. The Greek showcase is coming to a neighborhood near you in Western Europe and Great Britain, soon to feature debuts across North America. No, the United States is not immune from the horrors of ruin since its marquee billboards read Zero Percent. It only means the wrecking ball works from the inside out, serving as the central needle in the Black Hole. An outline of the End Game can be written. This article is not comprehensive by any means. But it serves as a decent posting on an outhouse wall. Consider the following as musings in observation of Uncle Sam on death row. They bear no logical flow, just random concepts.

africom: Why the US is establishing military bases in Africa +

A report from the Washington post has stated the US military have established small air bases in Africa to keep surveillance on some African regions they consider to be a threat from 'Al Qaeda'. Along with air bases there are also trained army personnel. The operations that take place here are controlled by the US special operations forces but have a significantly large dependence on private military contractors.

The bases are in Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, and Seychelles. Many experts believe that the special operation forces which have played a massive role in the Obama administrations national security strategy are working all over the globe and not just in war zones which bring in to question what the real motives are.

Enemy Inside: Pro- & anti-Islam radicals caught in web of hate +

Europe's security experts are sounding the alarm - claiming domestic terrorism has gained a considerable foothold in the continent. They say web-savvy youth are increasingly being seduced by radical ideologies - not only Islamist but also right wing - Sara Firth

John Williams of Shadowstats.com Interview: The Next Crash Will Be A Lot Worse!

Anyone who thinks the U.S. is in recovery should stop listening to the mainstream media and listen to John Williams. He heads up Shadowstats.com, and is one of the few economists who crunches the numbers to give unvarnished true statistics. Adjusted for real inflation of about 7%, Williams says, "GDP has plunged, and we have been bottom bouncing" ever since the financial crisis started. Williams says, "The next crash will be a lot worse (than 2008) because it will push us into the early stages of hyperinflation." He predicts this will happen "by the end of 2014" at the latest.

European meeting to be held to raise awareness of “the eugenic current of European society”

By Madison Ruppert:
A meeting to be held in Strasbourg, France hosted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), this week will address the alleged “eugenic current of European society” and the subject of “Eugenics and human rights, issues of prenatal screening.”
Population control has become a major issue in recent years due to major fears surrounding a growing world population especially amongst some of the most impoverished nations, as evidenced by a UK-funded program in India.
Currently, the highest court in Europe is considering a complaint from a woman who claims that she was not given a prenatal screening which would have revealed her daughter’s Down syndrome and thus allow her to choose to abort her child.
This Thursday the roundtable discussion hosted by PACE will be held with European associations of individuals with Down syndrome in response to the case currently being considered by the European Court of Human Rights.
There have been many heated statements on the subject, with some saying that the real topic surrounds “how European society defines humanity.”
Thus, the campaign “Stop Eugenics Now” has been created, along with a declaration entitled “Eugenics is not a human right.”
The case this campaign is speaking out against involves a woman from Latvia who gave birth to her daughter in June of 2002, just to find out she had Down syndrome.

TSA Whistleblowers Tell All!

TSA supervisors turned whistleblowers has revealed to the Alex Jones Show how the federal agency is deliberately directing its staff to hire people with criminal records who exhibit violent tendencies and psychopathic behavior.

Explaining how his job involved filing reports on other TSA screeners who didn't follow procedure, "Rob" expressed his alarm at the fact that criminals were being hired who exhibited the behavior of "psycopaths."

"We have a program in the state of Rhode Island where we take prisoners who are out for non violent drug offenses and everything else -- basically sociopaths -- and we're sending them to a ten day course and getting them out in uniform out checking people," said the whistleblower.

Jesse Ventura to Military Personnel: "Remember Your Oath!"

Alex talks with actor, author, former professional wrestler and the former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura. Alex and Ventura talk about TSA whistleblowers, the disintegration of republic and his new book, DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans Source

Rosenberg Opens Pandora's 'Global Economic Shock' Box

: In a detailed discussion with Bloomberg TV's Tom Keene, Gluskin Sheff's David Rosenberg addresses everything from Europe's "inability to grow its way out of the problem" amid its 'existential moment', Asian 'trade shock' and commodity contagion, and US housing, saving, and fiscal uncertainty. He believes we are far from a bottom in housing, despite all the rapacious calls for it from everyone, as the over-supply overhang remains far too high. "The last six quarters of US GDP growth are running below two percent" he notes that given the past sixty years of experience this is stall speed, and inevitably you slip into recession". He is back to his new normal of 'frugality' and bearishness on the possibilities of any solution for Europe but, most disconcertingly he advises Keene that "when you model fiscal uncertainty into any sort of economic scenario in the U.S., what it means is that businesses raise their liquidity ratios and households build up their savings rates. This comes out of spending growth. And that's the problem - you've got the fiscal uncertainty coupled with a US export 'trade shock'."

Chris Martenson on Shadow Bank Runs and how Central Banks are Missing the Boat!

Herman Van Rompuy has a plan for more European Integration. This is the man that Nigel Farage "called out" in European Parliament not long ago, as being a no body -- someone that "no one had ever heard of." That's not the case anymore. Now everyone knows who Van Rompuy is, whether they like it or not. He is making headlines recently with a reportedly scaled back version of a plan for the future of the Eurozone to be debated upon at the EU summit this week. A frequent guest of the show, Nigel Farage, has expressed his displeasure with Van Rompuy in the past, but it now appears that he may not be the only prominent entity gearing up to do so. Germany appears apprehensive with te plan, as it has been recently downgraded by Egan Jones. We'll discuss with our guest Chris Martenson.

Meanwhile, is 2012 looking more and more like the new 2008?