8 Nov 2012

Looper: A Small Portrait of Silver

"Rian Johnson very much in touch with the unfolding of the present, and the wealth relationships of the future.
By sv: The movie Looper (Rian Johnson) begins with Joseph Gordon Levitt, awaiting his next  assassination, standing in front of a time portal. As his victim gets closer, a tunnel swooshing grows as if from above.  Joe stands,  pointing his shotgun. The victim from the future arrives, and Joe shoots him with a shotgun.  He walks over, unzips the body, and pulls out his payment: silver bullion.
Per the movie’s plot, since it is nearly impossible to dispose of a body in the future, murder victims get sent back into the past so that they might be disposed. A crime syndicate evidently owns all of the silver bullion, and illegally transports their victims back to their looper’s in order to be rid of the evidence.
Joe is a looper. A specialized assassin for the future, in our present.  Joe’s character covets, loves and desires his silver.  As he explains why he does his job, he nearly hisses to “collect my silver.”
In the US of Looper, the scenery is that of squalor and wealth disparity.  Joe, however, serving the Silver Users, lives in luxury, his silver piling up.  What makes him so different from the rest of the population? His genetic aberration: he can travel through time; hence, he is a looper.

Marijuana Businesses Expected To Boom After Colorado, Washington Pot Legalization

Huff Post: For marijuana entrepreneurs like Ean Seeb, the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado and Washington in Tuesday’s election is more than a game-changer.
“It’s the start of a tipping point,” said Seeb, co-owner of Denver Relief Medical Marijuana Center.
I think it’s about damn time,” said Ryan C., a nursery operator in northern Washington state who said he expects to add to the 12 marijuana plants he already grows in his greenhouse. I have 30,000 square feet of greenhouses, so I was pleased.” Ryan, who has a license to supply a dispensary, didn’t want to use his last name in order to “keep some part of professionalism,” he said.
The legalization of recreational marijuana will create a new industry that may in turn fuel a local business boom, with staggering potential economic impact. According to a survey by the National Cannabis Industry Association, the Colorado medical marijuana industry generated more than $181 million in sales since 2010 and employed 4,200 state-licensed workers.

Colorado and Washington vote to become first US states to legalize marijuana

Marijuana is now legal in Colorado and Washington for recreational use, and possibly in Oregon as well.
While the decision in Colorado is historic, it was not without controversy: The measure won by a close six-point margin, 53% in favor to 47% opposed. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was an ardent opponent to the legalizaiton of recreational marijuana use, and reacted to the decision in the following statement: “The voters have spoken and we have to respect their will. This will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. That said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug so don’t break out the Cheetos or Goldfish too quickly.”
Proponents of the initiative argued that pot is safer than alcohol, and that the legal sale of marijuana could rake in $45 to 100 billion in tax revenue, according to Bloomberg. The government will also save an estimated $14 billion in cannabis-related costs in fighting the war on drugs.
Massachusetts and Arkansas have also passed ballot initiatives allowing use of marijuana for medical purposes. These are two of the six states debating medical marijuana laws in 2012, a concept already accepted in around a third of US states. In California, a state often seen at the vanguard of the medical marijuana movement, there are more than 1,000 pot dispensaries in operation. It is also estimated that there are more facilities that sell medical marijuana in Colorado than there are Starbucks coffeehouses.

Black Market for Body Parts Spreads Among the Poor in Europe

By Dan Bilefsky: BELGRADE, Serbia — Pavle Mircov and his partner, Daniella, nervously scan their e-mail in-box every 15 minutes, desperate for economic salvation: a buyer willing to pay nearly $40,000 for one of their kidneys. 

The couple, the parents of two teenagers, put their organs up for sale on a local online classified site six months ago after Mr. Mircov, 50, lost his job at a meat factory here. He has not been able to find any work, he said, so he has grown desperate. When his father recently died, Mr. Mircov could not afford a tombstone. The telephone service has been cut off. One meal a day of bread and salami is the family’s only extravagance.
“When you need to put food on the table, selling a kidney doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice,” Mr. Mircov said.
Facing grinding poverty, some Europeans are seeking to sell their kidneys, lungs, bone marrow or corneas, experts say. This phenomenon is relatively new in Serbia, a nation that has been battered by war and is grappling with the financial crisis that has swept the Continent. The spread of illegal organ sales into Europe, where they are gaining momentum, has been abetted by the Internet, a global shortage of organs for transplants and, in some cases, unscrupulous traffickers ready to exploit the economic misery.
In Spain, Italy, Greece and Russia, advertisements by people peddling organs — as well as hair, sperm and breast milk — have turned up on the Internet, with asking prices for lungs as high as $250,000.

Man arrested over Anonymous 'hacktivist' attacks on Government websites

Kevin Rawlinson: A 41-year-old man has been arrested in connection with attacks on the websites of Theresa May and the Home Office, which were believed to have been carried out by members of the “hacktivist” group Anonymous.
The Stoke-on-Trent man is accused of assisting or encouraging a distributed denial of service attack on the sites, which are designed to block access by flooding the sites with traffic. Police said computers, telephones and electronic storage devices were taken from a house by officers.
The man, who has not been named, was arrested on suspicion of assisting or encouraging crime contrary to the Serious Crime Act 2007. He was taken to a local police station and bailed to return in mid-December, pending further inquiries.
Detective Inspector Jason Tunn, from the Metropolitan Police’s eCrime Unit (PCeU), said: “The activity this morning demonstrates the commitment of the PCeU and our colleagues to combat cyber criminality anywhere within the UK and take action against those responsible. Assisting and encouraging cyber crime is a serious matter and I would advise all persons to consider their actions and any possible future consequences prior to posting any material online.”
In April this year, people claiming to be members of the hacking group Anonymous claimed to have launched a co-ordinated attack on four websites associated with the British Government in protest at extraditions of British citizens to face trials in America, and plans to allow security services to monitor internet use and phone calls.

German Calls for Gold Repatriation Intensify As Fed Refuses to Allow Inspection

By The Doc: Calls for Germany to repatriate its 1,536 tons of gold reserves held at the NY Fed are intensifying as Der Spiegel reports the Federal Reserve has refused to allow German inspectors to even view the country’s massive gold reservesin the interest of security and of the control process“.
We have stated repeatedly that with repatriation and/or audit requests completed or in progress by Venezuela, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, The BOE and the Fed suddenly find themselves in a heap of trouble as the situation (and confidence that the Central banks actually still hold the tungsten gold reserves on deposit) is rapidly deteriorating. 
More on the Fed’s non-compliance with German requests to view/inspect their own gold below.

Der Spiegel reports that nearly half of Germany’s entire gold reserves are still held (supposedly) 5 floors below the NY Fed:
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York continues to hold 1,536 metric tons of German gold — or nearly half of Berlin’s reserves.

Bank Of England Halts QE After "Potency Questioned"

Tyler Durden's picture In what may be the most disturbing news of the day, moments ago the BOE announced it is halting its own version of QE3, and capping the asset purchase program at £375 billion after "some policy makers questioned its effectiveness in supporting a recovery that remains lackluster." Could it be that even that peculiar Homo Sapiens subspecies known as "economist" is starting to realize that when applying the same "remedy" time after time to absolutely no avail, and where even the market no longer responds to unlimited injections of liquidity, then perhaps it is time to end said "remedy" altogether? And how long until the voodoo shamans in the dark lit room at Marriner Eccles follow through? Sadly, if Japan, and its 9 (so far) rounds of easing, is any indication, we have a lot more pain to go before what has been glaringly obvious to every hotdog vendor and shoeshine boy is also understood by Economics Nobel prize winners.
From Bloomberg:
The nine-member Monetary Policy Committee led by Governor Mervyn King kept its target for asset purchases at 375 billion pounds ($598 billion) today, ending its third round of quantitative easing. The decision was forecast by 35 of 45 economists in a Bloomberg News survey. The remainder had forecast an increase of as much as 50 billion pounds.

Triple-Dip Recession Nightmare - Max Keiser with Ned Naylor-Leyland

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Goldfinger at the New York Fed in Lower Manhattan where Germany's gold did not dissolve in the Hurricane Sandy floods, but $13 trillion in paper assets did. They also discuss Treasury secretaries and Goldman CEOs as the stuff of nightmares. In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Ned Naylor-Leyland about Germany's gold, JP Morgan's shorts and Bart Chilton's 'investigation.' Source

So now we know: Hurricane Sandy voted for Obama

By Richard Cottrell: Over the last 40 years or so, science has gradually learned how to generate rain in deserts, play with fog, create snowstorms – and even interfere with the upper atmosphere. The technology exists to modify anything that calls itself weather. So, sooner or later this perfect weapon to influence the foibles of we human beings would get around to steering elections. And that’s how and why Hurricane Sandy came barreling in from the Atlantic and blew Mitt Romney all the way back to Salt Lake City.
There seems to be general agreement even among the Frankenstorm cynics that Sandy’s timely appearance concentrated the minds of electors favorably towards the incumbent. In truth, Obama did very little to deserve that. He simply toured the devastated areas, looked suitably serious as aid workers explained what they were doing with picks and shovels, smiled and waved at victims trying to make sense of things.
In short, he indulged in the well known pastime among the political elites: turning up at the scene of freak weather events, dismal climatic catastrophes in general, and of course man-made calamities, like the wake of 9/11.
It is of course loathsome cynicism that drives them to flock to disasters, little more than a step above ghouls, because they are milking other peoples’ woes in order to magnetize votes. Obama all but brought his halo along.

Gulag USA: Sheeple Praising Their Enslavement! - NWO Gum: Funding Depopulation Agenda

Infowars reporters recap the zombie election of 2012 and take a closer look at what's in store for america these next 4 years under the continued dictatorship of kim jong-il the 4th. aka, (barack h obama.)

Merkel begs Cameron not to leave EU just when everything’s going so well - The Slog

Oooo-eee, snivel-snivel-slurp-slurp
Berlin has been leaking pro-British drivel all morning. I may have to empty my email inbox as it is close to bursting point. As indeed is my sick bag. This in the Daily Telegraph:
“In the medium term, it is Britain, a major country, that poses the greatest threat of a schism,” said a German official. “Not only is Britain moving away from the EU, but also the EU is moving away from Britain.”
The German offficial – who declined to be named und vos only obeyink ordass – was in fact Untergruppen Finanzfuhrer Ulricht Schnitzelnoodle. He added later:
“Zer euro is in fact a big success become, and hass no bearink votsoever on ze future of the European Anschluss, vich is now in rudische health. Only ze Britisher island racism is holding uns back from our moment of Glory, yes, once again it is all ze fault of ze Churchill cliquesturm und zaire friends in ze und so weiter und so weiter lazy Grechenuntermenschen in zaire strinkvests und so weiter und so weiter…”
PS You may find this hard to believe, but I’m told that some Camorons inside No 10 had to be talked out of playing the old Rolling Stones track ‘Angie’ for Merkel’s visit. Eat your heart out In the Thick of it. Source

James Turk on the Overestimated Gold Stock, the German Repatriation, and an EU Crisis!

President Obama won re-election last night and during his victory speech he declared "What makes America exceptional are the bonds that hold together the most diverse nation on earth." Bonds? Does he mean Treasury Bonds perhaps?

This is what makes America exceptional: the ability to issue bonds in exchange for the global reserve currency, which allows the US government to spend despite running trillion dollar deficits. We talk to James Turk about what happens when the "bonds" holding us together are no longer exceptional.

And gold and silver prices rallied ahead of the elections. We talk to James Turk about the recent spike in precious metals.