5 Jun 2013

Three key lessons from recent travels around the world

By : Greetings from New York. Or, New York’s JFK airport, rather. Having just been fondled by a government agent (who commented rather saucily that I’m ‘in top form’ as he molested me), I’m now comfortably settled in the lounge awaiting my flight to Chile whilst reflecting on my travels over the past two months.
Three LessonsI’ve recently had the pleasure of putting boots on the ground across the Asia-Pacific region– Australia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Philippines, etc. before passing through the United States.
In Dallas, Peter Schiff and I hosted 200+ subscribers of Sovereign Man: Confidential, and then I finally made my way to New York City for the annual meeting of the Atlas 400 club, of which I am happily a member.
The club is an impressive group. Members are typically self-made, successful people who bring unique insights from their fields. And I always walk away from these meetings with a load of actionable intelligence.

Anonymous, Syrian Electronic Army hack Turkish govt networks, leak emails incl PM's

AFP Photo / Thomas Samson
RT: Turkish government networks were hacked on Wednesday, compromising the private information of staffers in PM Tayyip Erdogan's office, a source in PM's office confirmed to Reuters. The attack was in support of the ongoing anti-government protests.
Staff email accounts were reportedly accessed after a phishing attack, and those affected were cut off from the network, a source said.
Anonymous hacked the Prime Minister’s official website (basbakanlik.gov.tr) and gained access to staff email addresses, passwords and phone numbers, the group said in a press release.

'The whole joint is a deeply encoded temple of hegemonic power' - Russell Brand on parliament

What does the slung-about, bounced-around adage that "Politics is show-business for ugly people" actually mean? I suppose that the narcissism and self-interest that motivates many entertainers is what lurks behind the ashen, jowly facades of most politicians. That politics is bereft of altruists, philanthropists and idealists but instead throbs and bristles with stunted show-offs, who, granted flatter abs and cuter noses, would be jiving and caterwauling on Britain's Got Talent or staring with glum vacuity down the barrel of a camera in a mock corridor in Holby City.
This pith squirt stings because we want our politicians to be motivated by high ideals and compassion and not to secretly seethe every time Harry Styles impeccably saunters through the public mind with hair that gently binds his scalp to the heavens and mankind to the angels.
When I met Caroline Lucas MP, the member for Brighton Pavilion, in an electromagnetic instant I was assured that I was in the company of a high-caliber individual. For a start, and I suppose this shouldn't matter, she's attractive and could probably, if she so chose, feature in Downton Abbey as a highly prized and conscientious scullery maid.

German Economy Moving into Recession & Civil Unrest Rising

Martin Armstrong: Even the IMF has now revised its forecast for German economic growth down sharply. We have been warning that 2013 Europe will turn NEGATIVE on the GDP growth as a whole. The IMF now sees major risks that the German economy is not recovering and that Germany should abandon austerity.
Meanwhile, now the UN is warning of European civil unrest rising because of unemployment. The risk of social unrest is rising based upon the recent report by the International Labour Agency.  We have been warning that there is simply no hope of job growth under these economic policies. Politicians cannot look in a mirror and see what they are doing to Western Civilization.

OMFG Weapons of Mass Distraction - BBC Sucks O Cocks News +

The Artist Taxi Driver

Met Investigating Murdoch Merc Technology To Sink Global Rivals

As Michael Gove emerges as the man of the hour, his former employer faces new pc hacking charges

Govrance of Academia….backed by Newscorp
The Slog: Just over a year ago, we revealed how the hard drive of a former head of security at Murdoch subsidiary NDS showed that the company paid computer hackers to work with its “operational security” unit….aka covert black ops…..to size up competitor weaknesses among pay-TV rivals across Australasia, Europe, and the US. Exaro has today filed a story strongly suggesting that Newscorp did the same in the UK to nobble On Digital.

NWO AP Spying Story: What You Aren't Being Told

corbettreport: In recent weeks we have been told to focus on a series of scandals which, we are told, are rocking the Obama Administration. 
Has the media finally found outrage over the Obama regime's use of drone strikes to kill scores of innocent women and children in countries that are not even at war with the United States? Or the DOJ's recent admission that the strikes had indeed killed American citizens? Or John Kerry's recent attempts to once again lead the American public into supporting military intervention in the Middle East based on provably false claims of WMD?

Californians Sign Petition Supporting Holo-Hoax Beach Party

AJ: This time Mark showed how out-of-touch with reality Americans are by asking beach goers if they would mind signing a petition to protect the "Holocaust Beach Party," a Jewish festival, Dice explains, in danger of being canceled due to budget cuts.

"It's gonna be a lot of holocaust reenactments," Dice tells one petition signer. "They're gonna be digging holes in the beach and burying people for fun as a contest to see how many bodies they can bury in the beach, it's part of the holocaust celebration...so this supports the holocaust."

Monsanto sued by Kansas wheat farmer over release of unapproved GMO wheat in Oregon + Obama Appoints Monsanto VP To Food Safety Czar

By Madison Ruppert: A wheat farmer in Kansas has filed a lawsuit against Monsanto alleging that the infamous agricultural giant is guilty of gross negligence for not containing the unapproved genetically modified wheat which was recently discovered in Oregon.
The farmer, Ernest Barnes, said that Monsanto’s GMO wheat has put all of the United States’ wheat export sales at risk. Meanwhile, Monsanto claims they have no clue how the “Roundup Ready” strain of wheat ended up in an Oregon field since they say they abandoned their research in 2004.
Indeed, Barnes is quite right in saying that the discovery has already impacted U.S. wheat exports. Japan canceled part of a tender to buy U.S. western white wheat. Japan is one of the largest export markets for U.S. wheat.
South Korea also suspended imports of U.S. wheat and said they would increase inspections of imports.
The EU similarly said they will test incoming shipments and will block any shipments containing GMO wheat.
Monsanto has released GE (genetically engineered) wheat into the non-genetically modified wheat population,”

USTBond: Return to Sender

By Jim Willie CB: The USTreasury Bond is the primary vehicle for the USDollar. Nations do not hold the USDollar in raw currency form, except for the crime syndicates. They hold them in USTBond form, in order to gather some interest income. In the last few years, not few months, but years, the interest has been next to nothing, and surely far less than what it should be, given the risk and the nasty undermine to value by the monetary action by the central bank itself. Paltry interest aside, with all its unfortunate deterrent toward investment in USGovt debt, the USFed has been kicking out the value pillars for a very long time, far longer than the limit imposed loosely by Sir Alan Greenspasm of six to eight months. With the cost of money near zero, all markets are distorted, all assets improperly priced, and Gold marked for illicit ambush on a regular basis by the fascists. Major broad deep channels are being constructed to redeem and discharge USTreasury Bonds. They will be returned to sender. The USFed will be put under tremendous strain to absorb and soak up the supply being dumped around the world in all these major channels. The USFed balance sheet will expand, not contract, or else they will face a catastrophe in a USTBond explosion and Interest Rate Swap derivative nuclear event. The USFed has no exit available, as all doors are shut, none an option. In the process, the Gold price will rise relentlessly,

US, no longer "Top Secret" Israeli military base

Press TV: "The US tax payers are oxen tied to the wagon."  US revealed the details of a "Top Secret" Israeli military base. Source

Alex Jones Visits West Country - Experiences Magnetic Stonehenge + Queen Elizabeth Angry at Bilderberg

AJ: Alex Jones and the rest of the infowars crew break down their experience at stonehenge.