19 Oct 2013

Narcissistic Woman

By : It’s day 19 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month for Men and Boys, the invisible victims of domestic violence. Falling in love with an abusive, personality disordered woman is like living a fairy tale in reverse.
A man falls in love with what he thinks is a beautiful princess or damsel in distress, only to watch her morph into the destructive, devouring witch. In today’s In His Owns Words, Peter shares the story of how the beautiful girl he thought he fell in love with turned into a raging, violent narcissistic bitch.
Narcissistic Woman
“A happy wife is a happy life.” Whoever coined that phrase must not have been married to a narcissistic woman. You fall in love with Sleeping Beauty only to discover she is the witch once you kiss her awake.
I met my future wife during a very intense summer camp, and, yes, we fell in love. She seemed perfect in so many ways, absolutely charming and self-assured. We had similar interests; our educational paths were almost identical and both of us wanted to live a life of creativity.

Resource Based Economy: A Critical Examination

Stefan Molyneux:  Resource based economy non-answers, the origins of the zeitgeist movement in childhood, automation, fear of verbal aggression, being alive in your voice, hoarding, apologies as a way to shut you up, marriage and the biological origins of monogamy. Source

A rapey, rapey, rapey world

Feminism LOL: A real world deconstruction of the feminist narrative. Also rape.

Fascist USA: Anti-torture Activist Undergoes Public Force Feeding to Protest Obama The Baby Bomber's ‘Constant agony’ Gitmo Torture Camp

RT: An anti-torture activist underwent a nasal-tube feeding outside an appeals court in Washington DC to protest the abusive force-feeding of hunger strikers at and the practice of indefinite detention at the US Guantánamo Bay torture camp.
The feeding took place shortly after the US Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia Circuit began considering a lawsuit arguing that force-feeding at Guantánamo is a violation of human rights and religious liberties.
The activist who underwent the procedure, Andrés Thomas Conteris, is currently on day 103 of a water-only fast to bring public attention to the plight of abductees

UK Zero Hour Contracts Workfare - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

'Beasts of England rise against 
Zero Hour Contracts Workfare Low Pay No Pay'
The Artist taxi driver

Post-Kaboom Period Petropolis, Cyburbia or Distributed City - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Leo Johnson

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss post-kaboom period of a de-Americanized world where risk is redistributed and financial systems are re-architected away from the daisy chains of credit without collateral.

Feminism and The Projection Effect

Stardusk: "Feminism has unmasked the true nature of the female."

UN Reports Loads More Children Murdered by Baby Butcher Obama's US Drone Bombardments Than Thought, 'May' Violate International Law

By Madison Ruppert: A new United Nations report states that their investigation has identified 33 drone strikes carried out by the CIA around the world that have resulted in civilian deaths and may have been in violation of international humanitarian law.
This is hardly surprising given that the fact that it is hardly a secret that drone strikes kill civilians and that courts in Pakistan have declared U.S. drone strikes in their country to be illegal.
The 22-page interim report, produced by Ben Emmerson, the U.N. special rapporteur on human rights and counterterrorism, looks at strikes in hotbeds like Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Gaza.
In his report (note: link opens a Google document), Emmerson calls on the United States to declassify documents on drone operations coordinated by the CIA. The final report won’t be submitted to the U.N. Human Rights Council until 2014, according to Lawfare.
He also calls on the U.S. to clarify its official position on the legality of unmanned aerial strikes, something which they’ve claimed is totally legal in the past, even when they target U.S. citizens.


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Banksters' Worst Fear

US Military-Industrial Pundits: Conflicts of Interest Exposed for 22 TV Guests Who Urged Syrian War + ‘Drone strikes killed more civilians than publicly acknowledged’ – UN investigator

Democracy Now: New research shows many so-called experts who appeared on television making the case for U.S. strikes on Syria had undisclosed ties to military contractors. A new report by the Public Accountability Initiative identifies 22 commentators with industry ties.

GLOBAL BANKSTER LOOTING: Why we are very close to Guns & Hoses

The Slog: I felt both vindicated and depressed yesterday when an American Slogger sent me this piece from Pater Tenebrarum, better known to many of you as as Acting Man. It appeared the day after my ‘exclusive’ on the IMF Lets Steal Ten Percent smoking gun document. It was exclusive to the extent that nobody else had written about it, although I now learn it had been published ten days previously. The fact that nobody noticed it may have something to do with its mysterious absence from the IMF’s website. You never know.
Some five months ago I started the dedicated Slogpage Global Looting after bouncing the idea off a long-suffering Greek acquaintance. I think it was a good choice of title, being simple, descriptive, and accurate. Last night, I became absolutely certain that it is also imminent.
As Acting Man rightly points out (along with many others) if Greek Bailout2 showed the bonds market you couldn’t trust the ECB any more, then Cyprus blew away any credibility Sovereign Bonds had as a store of value for investors. We are going to find the same here in the UK once the Great CoOp Rape gets under way. Ditto the Italians over Monte del Paeschi. And the Spaniards with money in Cajas.