29 Dec 2013

Apartheid: Israeli Panel Backs Own Legislation To Steal Jordan Valley

A panel of Israeli cabinet ministers has approved their own legislation to steal (annex) the Jordan Valley region of the West Bank, the world's largest open air prison. 
UK BANNED Press TV: The legislation, backed by far-right members of the ruling Likud party, was endorsed on Sunday, just days ahead of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s scheduled visit to the Middle East to push talks between Tel Aviv and the Palestinian Authority.
If it becomes law, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be unable to accept the US proposal to put the Jordan Valley under Palestinian control.
Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who leads negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, challenged the motion, saying she would use her powers to block the legislation from being voted on in the parliament.
Israel occupied and then stole (annexed) the West Bank and East al-Quds in the Six-Day Massacre of 1967, but the move has never been recognized by the international community.

A Message From Edward Snowden +

By Six months ago, I stepped out from the shadows of the United States Government’s National Security Agency to stand in front of a journalist’s camera.
Espionage Whistleblower Edward Snowden to Seek Asylum in Brazil
I shared with the world evidence proving some governments are building a world-wide surveillance system to secretly track how we live, who we talk to, and what we say.
I went in front of that camera with open eyes, knowing that the decision would cost me family and my home, and would risk my life. I was motivated by a belief that the citizens of the world deserve to understand the system in which they live.
My greatest fear was that no one would listen to my warning. Never have I been so glad to have been so wrong. The reaction in certain countries has been particularly inspiring to me, and Brazil is certainly one of those.
At the NSA, I witnessed with growing alarm the surveillance of whole populations without any suspicion of wrongdoing, and it threatens to become the greatest human rights challenge of our time.

Steve Keen About Money And Debt - S.K. Over Geld En Schulden

MeJudice1: Economists know especially why they do not have money and debt in their models as Steve Keen, Professor of Economics and Finance, University of Western Sydney. Or by incorporating it into an economic model private debt Keen knew in 2005 that a crisis was coming, the private debts were too high. Keen was recently a guest speaker at Duisenberg School of Finance

How Retailers are Seeing Big Upside by Accepting Bitcoin

By Michael Krieger: For a while now, I have been highlighting the fact that it is an absolute no brainer for small businesses to accept Bitcoin. Not only are you providing your customers with another method of payment with essentially zero downside (if you use a payment processor such as BitPay or Coinbase), it is the best free PR you could ever achieve. Back in November I wrote the following in my article You Can Now Buy a Plane Ticket with Bitcoin:
Notice the CEO’s comment about people coming to his site just because of Bitcoin. This is undoubtedly true, and as I have mentioned before on several occasions, it is a no brainer for a small business to accept bitcoin. It is early enough in the adoption phase that it will still drive tremendous press and buzz for your business and make you look technologically savvy.
It seems many businesses in NYC are finally recognizing the upside. According to the New York Post:
Sure, its value might rise and fall by the day, but some small-business owners in New York City are buying into bitcoin by accepting the buzzed-about currency at their brick-and-mortar locations. They’re saying the benefits are many, and the disadvantages are next to none.

Petticoat Justice: An Alimony Slave’s Bricks Of Logic

Alimony free licence public domainBy : While the poster (left) advertises a classic movie from the 1940′s, its theme was based on a very real social malady spanning the length of the 20th century. It was the alimony racket that inspired the first organized resistance in the United States to government-sponsored misandry. The first of many anti-alimony organizations was formed in New York City on 1927. (see “Robert Ecob: Early MHRA“). Newspapers regularly recount horror stories of men whose lives were ruined by women who demanded to be supported by ex-husbands and, research has revealed, wives enjoyed the power to demand an ex-husband’s incarceration at will when he could not afford to pay up– even when the former wife had no need for the funds (see “The Alimony War of 1935” for the results of this research). It was in 1933 that a young Italian immigrant, a humble bricklayer by the name of Umberto Politano, became the poster boy of the New York anti-alimony activists with his story of a de factolife sentence to jail for failing to live up to his briefly-wedded wife’s demand that he support her and the Italian relatives she imported.

Make No Mistake About It: The Storm Has Hit in Turkey

Testosterone Pit: There is n emerging crisis in Turkey that will set the investment terrain for 2014. This week, we feel the subject warrants more investigation as Prime Minister Erdogan, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the business elite attached to them have become targets of a very focused corruption scandal that Erdogan may not survive—and that should shake investor confidence to its core.

A series of raids and 60 arrests have Erdogan thinking that he is the real target of the corruption probe—and he is not mistaken. This is what happens when you take on the Gulenists as we noted last week.

The corruption probe is targeting Erdogan’s allies first—those AKP fellows in key ministries, and key dynasties with whom Erdogan and the AKP are close to.

A day after the raids and arrests Erdogan reshuffled his Cabinet, replacing 10 ministers. Erdogan’s reshuffle has only fueled the fires—similar to those that burned all last summer in the form of the Gezi Park protests—with the opposition accusing him of trying to create a secret “deep state” of authoritarian rule. Indeed, Erdogan is hoping that the new Cabinet will be solidly loyal during the ensuing probe.

Bitcoin Catches Attention Of Goldman Sachs (And Walmart, And Cisco): Goldman Director Joins Bitcoin Startup

When Bitcoin fans were hoping for fast track adoption by the mainstream, catching the attention of the all-seeing eye of Sauron Goldman Sachs was probably low on their list of action items. Yet that is precisely what they got with the arrival of a Goldman Sachs board member M. Michele Burns, who recently joined the board of Boston-based Bitcoin payment processing system startup Circle Internet Financial.
As Fortune reports "Circle launched earlier this year, and was founded by Jeremy Allaire, who has led other Internet start-ups, but recently has become a Bitcoin evangelist. The company got $9 million in funding from a number of venture capitalist firms. Jim Breyer, a partner at Accel and an early backer of Facebook (FB), is also on Circle's board, as is Raj Date, who recently left a top post at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Circle declined to comment about Burns. Two sources with knowledge of her move confirmed it."
Perhaps of same or greater importance is that in addition to being the chair of the audit committee at the preeminent FDIC-backed hedge fund, Burns also was a board member of the largest retailer in the world, Walmart (WMT accepting BTC?), and is currently on the board of the one company that is at the nexus of the Internet economy, Cisco (and which was punished furiously following Snowden's NSA-spying revelations after projected Chinese revenues imploded and that Cisco may or may not have been collaborating with the government in leaking private data).

US Military Standards For Females Reduced Again In Order For Them To Be “Equal.”

By : While writing this, I just got an email update that the Military Justice Improvement Act has been passed in congress and is on its way to being signed by the President as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.  I am going to have to do some digging to see exactly what changes and amendments have been made.  Initially, it looks like the worst case scenario. MC
As we have seen so many times before, military standards for females are reduced in order for them to beequal.”
The United States Marine Corps quietly announced recently on social media that the current requirement for female Marines to do a minimum of three (3) pull-ups as part of their training by January 1, 2014 has been delayed for another year.  Currently, females are not required to do even a single pull-up, but rather a test called a “flexed-arm hang” in which they can score points based on the amount of time that they can hang from a pull-up bar absent any gear.  A maximum score can be obtained if they hang for 70 seconds with their chin over the bar.

George Osborne UK Man Of The Year - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

UK Family Court Sanctioned Domestic Abuse + “Escape Committee” and the “Resistance”

"I knew it was unfair, but I wanted to punish him"
By Forty Two: I was flicking through the Daily Mail the other day and this headline/title caught my eye.

 I cut my ex out of our daughter’s life. Now I’m glad he fought tooth and nail to see her

Sally Windsor ends the peace with If James hadn’t fought me in court, Ruby wouldn’t be the delightful, clever, kind and happy child she is today. I’m just glad I eventually saw through my own resentment and hurt—and put my child first During the article sally talks about the benefits of her child having contact with her father, and is grateful James has forgiven her for making him fight tooth and nail just to see his child. In all probability Sally believes she has produced something that extolls the merits of allowing a father access to his child and has in some way moved the plight of fathers seeking access to their children forward. However, there is something much deeper held within her words.

Sally’s story goes along the lines of, after a traumatic birth and failing to bond with her daughter, sleepless nights arguments started. So in order to make a better life for the child she failed to bond with she moved out with the child. She cut her ex partner out of her life and made it impossible for the parent that had bonded with his child, she states I ignored his calls, I refused to answer the door and slandered him to anyone who would listen. I told  everyone he was a awful father;

German Agencies: “Greece is Not Suitable For European Presidency”

By Abed Alloush
By Abed Alloush
By Abed Alloush
By Abed Alloush
By Abed Alloush: In a few days, Greece will assume the six-month rotating presidency of the EU and German media openly doubt Greece’s capability to effectively handle all the European challenges that lay ahead. Despite the fact that the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, appears reassuring towards Greece’s economic recovery, many German agencies are at least skeptical for the assumption of the European Presidency by a country in a memorandum that has avoided bankruptcy after receiving loans of billions of euros. Among other agencies, Deutsche Welle wonders how a country that is at the centre of the European economic crises could find solutions in serious European matters while simultaneously struggling to be relieved of the unbearable debt.
“For a period of six months we want to become honest mediators and forget our national interests,” underlined the Greek deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Dimitris Kourkoulas, and his team. He and his team are tasked with the preparations of the Greek Presidency in order for the country to cope with the European demands when the country takes the reins of the European Union.

The problematic child of the eurozone must prove that the worst is over for the country itself and the monetary union in general,” German Weser Kurier commented, according to Deutsche Welle.

Hundreds Of Teens Go On 'Trashing' Spree In NYC Mall

RT: Hundreds of aggressive teenagers stormed a New York mall, trashing stores and terrifying customers and personnel, local media report. Some teens allegedly took part in a game of “knockout.” The mall briefly shut down in response to the violence.
Kings Plaza Shopping Center (credit: Google Maps) More than 400fast and furiousteens reportedly stole cheap items, smashed jars of candy and even beat up security guards at Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn between 5 pm and 7 pm on Thursday. They used social media to set up the attack, designed to put the mall “on tilt”.
“I’ve been here seven years and I have never seen anything like this before — I’m so scared. I know they will come back,” a clerk at Candy Plaza 2, Abu Taleb, told the New York Post.
“I was begging them to stop. There were a lot of kids, hundreds of kids… [Security] would chase them out one door and they would come back in another door,” the 31-year-old man added.