22 Nov 2014

It All Balances Out

By It All Balances Out—just four words. Sounds simple, but it’s not. It is, I believe, a phrase that best describes gender reality throughout history and it’s a phrase that might cause the modern-day MRA to, shall we say, raise an eyebrow. I’m well aware that men suffer comparison with women in virtually every measure of well-being. But I respectfully request that my fellow MRAs hear me out on this. What you’re about to read demonstrates a strategy for getting our message across to the mainstream. In part, it’s crafted for “straights,” those who’ve not taken the “red pill.” How do we reach them? How do we send our message in a manner that is at least relatively palatable to mainstream sensibilities? How do we penetrate the “lace curtain” in a manner that’s healthy and constructive? How do we move gender politics into a new and more evolved phase?
I present to you now how I use the concept of It All Balances Out to further our cause.
It All Balances Out
The underlying principle that pervades and unifies every aspect of my book can be expressed in a single word: balance. In defiance, the book’s “radical” premise is simply this: In the benefits enjoyed and in the liabilities suffered, in the power and in the victimization, in the freedoms and the constraints, the good and the bad, It All Balances Out between Woman and Man—and it always has.
Historically, the gender system has certainly been less than perfect, inflicting injustices on both sexes alike. But these injustices have come out even. Ours has been an imperfect yet essentially balanced gender system, except for one thing—the highly imbalanced gender belief system. If I could, I would shift our entire gender belief system away from feminism’s MalePower/FemaleVictimization paradigm and toward a balanced gender paradigm.

Cops Are Cowards

Larken Rose: It would be nice if the mythology about "the brave men and women of law enforcement," and the image of police that you see on TV and in movies, in some way resembled reality. But it doesn't.

That is Not What I Said! Communication Between Men and Women

"Anger is a mask of vulnerability, no one knows how to handle criticism. In love it pays to accept criticism. ...No one knows how to appreciate. ...If we can't hear each other, the whole world is in jeopardy." Dr Warren Farrell. Via Paul Elam

The Plot To Make America Gay? + Pastor 'Cures' Gay Man - 'I Don't Like Mens No More!'

What Would Stop Leaders Going To War?

Russell Brand: War, atheism, JISL, ISIS, Ferguson, democracy and the way politicians talk.

Obama’s Executive Order: Immigration, Amnesty And Contradictions

Stefan Molyneux: President Barack 'Kill List' Obama recently spoke on the "executive action" he was taking to deal with the broken immigration system in the United States. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the speech, examining what was said, what wasn't said and the hidden contradictions.

JSIL Trained US Officer Violently Smashes Man In The Head With Baton

NYPD officer violently bashes man in the head with baton at subway station during rush hour spraying blood on bystanders - and all because he didn't pay his fare
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV:  A YouTube video shows a New York Police Department officer hitting a black man with a baton, cracking his head at a Brooklyn subway station.
The 20-year-old Donovan Lawson was struck by the cop Thursday after he allegedly entered a subway station to ride the train without a ticket.
A bystander began to film the struggle, minutes after the officer and Lawson had started their dispute at the Myrtle Avenue stop in the neighborhood of Bushwick.
The video shows that the officer hit a nightstick against Lawson’s head which prompted shouts of disapproval from the present crowd.
According to a witness, the officer had already punched the poor man three times before the onlooker started recording the incident.

Femen Anal Crucifix Sex Outside Vatican + Video Of Femen Kidnap Of ‘Priest’ Protest Pope’s EU Parliament Visit BANNED By Gynocentric YouTube

makmkd20: Femen activists protest in St.Peter's square on November 14, 2014 at the Vatican Активистки на “Фемен” симулираa секс со крст во Ватикан
The topless protest group Femen have taken their brash form of activism to shockingly new heights (or depths), simulating anal sex with crucifixes outside the Vatican to protest the Pope’s alleged meddling in politics.

6 Ways That Feminism Insults And Demeans Women While Claiming To Protect Them

By Janet Bloomfield: I’ve been a bit vocal lately on how feminism negatively affects men and fathers and encourages them to behave in ways that ultimately undermine themselves, women and relationships. In the interest of fairness and equality, today I would like to point out how feminism insults and demeans women. Feminists claim to represent and promote the interests of women, but if you scratch the surface, you’ll find that feminism embraces a streak of misogyny to make the ancient patriarchs green with envy. Here are six ways that feminism insults, belittles and demeans the women it is supposedly supporting and encouraging.
1. Yes Means Yes
The new Yes Means Yes affirmative consent law in California achieves a few astonishing feats: it turns normal, consensual sex into rape and it strips the accused of due process by requiring confirmation of consent at all stages of sexual encounters. Consent must be enthusiastic, ongoing and affirmed. Not only does this turn sex into a decidedly unsexy, legally fraught encounter, but it also implicitly requires men to obtain consent from women and not the other way around. I have yet to have a feminist give me a clear answer to one simple question: “I have never, ever once requested permission from a man to have sex with him—am I a rapist?”

UK Prisoners – The Genders Compared

By MRA-UK: The graphic left shows the prison population of England & Wales from 1900 to 2014. The persistent rise in the number of prisoners since the end of WW2 is due primarily to the rise in the number of male prisoners. One hundred years ago there were about five male prisoners for every female prisoner, now there are about twenty. To be precise, at the end of January 2014 there were 81,045 men and 3,932 women in prison in England and Wales: 20.6 times as many men as women, Ref.[1].
Most people would say that it is because men commit more crimes. And so they do. But twenty times more? Really?
The number of crimes committed by each sex can be gauged from the number of sentences passed each year – that is, the number of cases coming to court in which the verdict is guilty and a sentence is required. And the answer? In England and Wales there have recently been just over three times more men sentenced per year than women, and this ratio has been falling – see Table 1 for the actual data (taken from Ref.[2]).

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Think About It - Female-Perpetrated Sexual Abuse And Assault

The unstated rules for male victims of female-perpetrated sexual abuse and assault

By I have a friend, an autistic man, who was ordered to have sex with a woman and was informed by her that he had no choice, and so even though he didn’t want to, he went along because he was doing as he was told.
That was how he lost his virginity: by being told he had to, that he had no choice—and he was laughed at by friends afterward when he said he didn’t really like it or want it.
But he had an erection. So that means he was asking for it, right?
Rape is a horrible experience and awful crime. We hear regularly that there is a problem with women, and men, being raped by men. A little less often, we’ll hear that women can rape women or even rape men, although usually everyone is quick to say, “But it’s very rare.”
Why do we believe that? Probably because most people assume “rape” means “unwanted penetration.” That is also in most statistics: a commonly cited figure is that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men is raped. But this statistic is based on “rape means penetration.”
Dictionaries do not always match reality, but if you look in most dictionaries, you will find that the word originally meant to take or seize against someone’s will, or to force a person into sexual intercourse against their will. Penetration was never part of the definition, which denigrates countless men’s and boys’ experiences.