5 Feb 2015

Cenk Uygur Get's Schooled By Anti-Feminist Karen Straughan

Cenk Uygur, the one good man,
meets GirlWritesWhat
and gets his ass handed to him on a plate.

Paul Craig Roberts Interview - Outside The Box

Paul Craig Roberts joins Jason Liosatos to discuss Ukraine, its Washington backed Coup, and the provocation of Putin as Russia temps Greece and Europe to bail out of the shackles of the US dollar and hegemony, and join the Russian alliance gathering momentum.
We also talk about whether Washington is psychopathic enough to kick over the global chess board now it is losing, and even start nuclear war with Russia to usurp it from dethroning the US as King, and its dollar.

A Very Disturbing and Powerful Post – “Get Your Loved Ones Off Facebook”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask you why you’re getting off Facebook,” is the guilty and reluctant question I’m hearing a lot these days. Like we kinda know Facebook is bad, but don’t really want to know.
I’ve been a big Facebook supporter – one of the first users in my social group who championed what a great way it was to stay in touch, way back in 2006. I got my mum and brothers on it, and around 20 other people. I’ve even taught Facebook marketing in one of the UK’s biggest tech education projects, Digital Business Academy. I’m a techie and a marketer — so I can see the implications — and until now, they hadn’t worried me. I’ve been pretty dismissive towards people who hesitate with privacy concerns.
With this latest privacy change on January 30th, I’m scared.
– From Salim Varani’s blogpost: Get Your Loved Ones Off Facebook
By Michael Krieger: I never heard of Salim Varani before today, but when I came across his blogpost “Get Your Loved Ones Off Facebook,” it immediately piqued my interest given my less than positive feelings toward the company. It took on an even greater degree of importance in my mind considering that I had just finished reading what appeared to be a Facebook puff piece at Fusion.net about how the company, guided by “privacy sherpa” Yul Kwon, was suddenly making user privacy a core focus. It read like a PR release.

James Robertson Proves That US “Black Male Privilege” Is Bunk And Black Political Leadership Is A Failure

Clay Davis, The Wire
By : Perhaps you’ve heard of one Mr. James Robertson, of the smouldering crater that was once the proud city of Detroit, and his literal Long Walk to work on the daily – to the tune of 21 miles each way. He has done this for at least a decade, and has touched off a crowdfunding firestorm, complete with offers of cars, money and more from people all over the country. It, of course, has sparked a conversation about all of the usual tropes: about how we, the United States of America, shouldn’t be having people laboring under such conditions due to our wealth and largesse; about how evil Republicans view working folk, especially those who happen to be non-White; and, of course, more general pearl-clutching at notions of Racism and the like being the culprit of long-festering conditions that have brought great cities like Motown low.
But what gets left out are the following questions and issues that your correspondent will raise in today’s essay. To do that, I refer the reader to a previous article of mine, “Tackling The Bugbear of “Black Male Privilege” – where I made the case, in point for point fashion, that the “argument” proffered by the Black Feminists and Social Justice Warrior crowd, is a feeble one.

Editor Of Major German Newspaper Says He Planted Stories For The CIA

By Ralph Lopez: Becoming the first credentialed, well-known media insider to step forward and state publicly that he was secretly apropagandist,” an editor of a major German daily has said that he personally planted stories for the CIA.
Saying he believes a medical condition gives him only a few years to live, and that he is filled with remorse, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, the editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of Germany’s largest newspapers, said in an interview that he accepted news stories written and given to him by the CIA and published them under his own name. Ulfkotte said the aim of much of the deception was to drive nations toward war.
Dr. Ulfkotte says the corruption of journalists and major news outlets by the CIA is routine, accepted, and widespread in the western media, and that journalists who do not comply either cannot get jobs at any news organization, or find their careers cut short.
Dr. Ulfkotte is the author of a book currently available only in German, “Bought Journalists” (Kopp 2014.) Aged 55, he was also once an advisor to the government of German Chancellor Helmet Kohl.
The book has become a bestseller in Germany but, in a bizarre twist which Ulfkotte says characterizes the disconnect caused by CIA control of the western media, the book cannot be reported on.
Ulfkotte says:
“No German mainstream journalist is allowed to report about [my] book. Otherwise he or she will be sacked. So we have a bestseller now that no German journalist is allowed to write or talk about.”

The Truth About Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama is a title given to the leader and high priest of the Yellow Hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism, who is considered to be the incarnation of the bodhisattva - a human being who has achieved an "enlightened" state - of compassion. Stefan Molyneux

Quantum Relativity

The bridge between quantum physics and general relativity requires a paradigm shift. SCG

Syrian Girl: だから日本は対イスラム国戦争に加わってはならない。

A Syrian and a Japanese discuss Israeli contras ISIS and the hostage situation. Many people from Japan feel that the hostages have brought their situation on themselves. Haruna Yukawa was fighting along side the FSA, and whilst Mr.Gato was an innocent jouranlist he entered Syria illegally with the FSA, to try to save his friend, criminal Haruna.

Zombie Banks eating Human Souls

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss negative savings rates on the way for retail savers in Europe because banks no longer need deposits nor do they need to make loans - in other words, they are no longer really banks. In the second half, Max interviews filmmaker, blogger and author, Kerry-anne Mendoza, about her new top selling book, “Austerity: The demolition of the welfare state and the rise of the zombie economy.”

Zionist Rupert Murdoch Gets Off Easy In U.S. Phone Hacking Case

"Crime pays!" It seems no one has the guts to go against Zionist terrorist Rupert Murdoch. News Corp. and the 21st-Century Fox entertainment Empire won't be charged for phone hacking or bribing foreign public officials and police in the U.S. That’s after a marathon scandal and trial over the same crimes in the U.K. The mogul saves a fine of over 850 million dollars since the U.S. Justice department has closed the case and decided not to launch a full-blown investigation. This as Hollywood actor Randy Quaid goes on a rant over Murdoch on-line. Max Keiser host of “The Keiser report” is In the Now and doesn’t go easy on Murdoch, who he calls a terrorist.


'One out of one men is a manbreather.'
By Has a major bastion of systematic Patriarchal oppression long gone unnoticed and unmonetized by Third Wave Feminism? The Feministuardian’s own Jessica A. V. Marcotte takes aim at this ubiquitous modern problem.
What the fuck. I was on the subway the other day, tweeting on my iPhone 6s about how Apple is a misogynist boy’s club for technocrat shitlord autists for not making a feminist-friendly iPhone whose touch-screen accommodates long fingernails when I noticed something truly. Fucking. Appalling.
Hours later, I am still literally in shock.
At first, I couldn’t figure out what the hell I was hearing. Though at first barely audible over the clatter of the D-line, the more I listened, the more I could hear it all around me. It was this raspy, deep, almost rhythmic noise, this damp hissing, that turned up my creep-alarm straight to 11.
Without thinking about it, I’d grabbed my all-purpose anti-rape kit (sadly unused to date) and was searching for the pepper spray in the tangle of whistles, tasers, and TEACH MEN NOT TO RAPE stickers.
Perhaps the pepper spray finally made me understand what the HELL that ear-raping racket was.

It Is About To Get Ugly: Oil Is Crashing And So Is Greece

By Michael Snyder: The price of oil collapsed by more than 8 percent on Wednesday, and a decision by the European Central Bank has Greece at the precipice of a complete and total financial meltdown.  What a difference 24 hours can make.  On Tuesday, things really seemed like they were actually starting to get better.  The price of oil had rallied by more than 20 percent since last Thursday, things in Europe seemed like they were settling down, and there appeared to be a good deal of optimism about how global financial markets would perform this month.  But now fear is back in a big way.  Of course nobody should get too caught up in how the markets behave on any single day.  The key is to take a longer term point of view.  And the fact that the markets have been on such a roller coaster ride over the past few months is a really, really bad sign.  When things are calm, markets tend to steadily go up.  But when the waters start really getting choppy, that is usually a sign that a big move down in on the horizon.  So the huge ups and the huge downs that we have witnessed in recent days are likely an indicator that rough seas are ahead.
A stunning decision that the European Central Bank has just made has set the stage for a major showdown in Europe.  The ECB has decided that it will no longer accept Greek government bonds as collateral from Greek banks.  This gives the European Union a tremendous amount of leverage in negotiations with the new Greek government.  But in the short-term, this could mean some significant pain for the Greek financial system.