12 Apr 2015

Hope On The Horizon And It Comes From Greece

By Paul Craig Roberts: Washington in its arrogance, seeing itself as indispensable,” poses a continuing threat to the lives of hundreds of millions of people. The extraordinary number of dead that Washington has murdered in the 21st century–The American Century–is dismissed as collateral damage in the war on terror.”
The war on terror is a hoax. It is a creation of the evil neoconservatives who intend Washington’s world hegemony and Israel’s hegemony from the Nile to the Euphrates. The rest of mankind has realized that Washington’s drive for world hegemony means the entire human race will be dismissed ascollateral damageas Washington establishes itself as the exceptional, indispensable country.” The country whose will is above the rule of law and whose morality is non-existent.
The stark reality is that America, which wore the White Hat during the Cold War, now wears the Black Hat, and Russia and China have traded the Black Hat for the White Hat. The hope for mankind no longer resides in the West, which has entered a militarized gestapo existence conducting war against its own citizens and the world at large.
Aggression is the hallmark of 21st century Washington and its captive European vassal states. There has not been a 21st century year without slaughter of innocents by Western civilization.”

A God Among MGTOW - Alhazen

Sandman: So I'm going to make another video in my ongoing series called A God Among MGTOW. This one is about the Arab polymath and philosopher living in the golden age of Islam. Most people don't know this but while much of Europe was in the Feudal dark ages Islam was going through a golden age from about the time around 800 AD until about 1250 AD. This was a period of time with Islam developed universities, hospitals, systems of commerce and by many accounts they were the most advanced civilization in the world. Their territory stretched from Spain in the west and to Pakistan in the east. And it was during that time that art, architecture and knowledge flourished. Many Muslim scholars saved many great works of European philosophers such as Aristotle.

Slumlord Warren Buffett's Interest Rate Apartheid

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s - and unto Warren Buffett (and other tollbooth operators) everything else. In the second half, Max interviews internet and tech pioneer Halsey Minor about his latest venture, Bitreserve.org, a next-generation money service built on top of bitcoin.

What Ever Happened To Chivalry?

By I have a Google alert for the word chivalry, and not a day goes by that I don’t receive several articles on the topic. The articles appear slightly tilted toward the theme ‘Male chivalry is dead,’ followed by a reasonable number demonstrating ‘Chivalry is alive and well’ – the latter because some man, somewhere, risked life, limb or money to serve a woman’s immediate welfare.
To be sure, chivalry displayed by individual men is on the decline, and women, men, government and mainstream media denounce this devolution with one voice: Men are becoming selfish pigs. MRAs and MGTOW choose to summarize it differently; that men are sick of being exploited and have chosen to shed their unnecessary selflessness.
Chivalry is documented in etiquette manuals of prior centuries explaining how a man is to take off his hat in a woman’s presence, shake her hand, open doors, buy her gifts, and assist her in a multitude of ways. The message in these gestures is deference to the superiority of females:
“If you see a lady whom you do not know, unattended, and wanting the assistance of a man, offer your services to her immediately. Do it with great courtesy, taking off your hat and begging the honour of assisting her.” [Gynocentric etiquette for men – 1847]

Zio-Nazi Whipped German Court Shuts Down Anti-Apartheid-Israel Exhibition

After Nearly 2,200 Palestinians including over 500 little children lost their lives last summer, having been butchered by Israelis, a German court has callously shut down a long-standing anti-Israel exhibition in the western city of Cologne, ignorantly accusing its organizer of anti-Semitism and glorification of violence.
Press TV: The German municipal court said the permanent exhibit, which displayed numerous pictures of the Palestinian children who were killed and injured during the Israeli regime’s bloody offensive against Gaza last summer, violates a law designed to protect minors.
Walter Hermann, the organizer of the exhibit, has protested for years against Israel with his exhibit dubbed the “Cologne Wailing Wall.”
Hermann, 76, whose anti-Israel campaign is named “Peace Demonstration,” told the German Express newspaper that the wanted to draw public attention to Israeli policies against Palestinian people.
The court ruled that Hermann will face a fine of USD 635 and a possible second trial should he continue to display the pictures. The heroic anti-Israel activist intends to appeal the ruling.
Earlier in 2010, the city partnerships of Cologne-Tel Aviv and Cologne-Bethlehem issued a joint statement in support of apartheid, land theft and genocide whilst condemning the anti-Israel exhibit.

The EuroDiVision Contest - feat. Angela Merkel, Slavoj Žižek & IMF

We've all heard of EuroVision, but there's another song that’s being sung across Europe - the peoples' chants of protest against Europe's austerity measures. Today we'll hear some of the leading and loudest voices in this competition, such as Greece, Spain and Ireland, who are fighting back against austerity with people power; before turning to the contest's three judges: Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, Slovenian philosopher-rockstar Slavoj Žižek and IMF dominatrix err... director, Christine Lagarde.

A Voice For Men Radio - The Voice of Europe

Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff, going through some events of the last month and then, in the second part, the hosts engage in a talk about compulsory military service.

Feminist CHICKENS?!?!

Now in 1080pt. I am expanding social surfaces. "Do what a cocky dude'd do..." "...and the cocky dude'll do it to you." DoctorRandomercam

Which Gender Suffers Most?

By CheckItOut: Which Gender Suffers Most In Video Games? If video games are sexist, then they are sexist against men. If anything, video games lessen the stigma of men being killed and turn the termination of men's lives into fun and enjoyment. Isn't that sexism? 
The goal of feminism was never equality. The goal of feminism has always been the destruction of the patriarchy. Ironically, as you'll see below, the patriarchy is a woman's best friend and a man's worst enemy. 
What does it mean to destroy the patriarchy? It means to destroy men, male power and male wealth. It means the transfer of men's wealth and power to women - via force of law (see Yes Means Yes, VAWA, Title IX, no-fault divorce, misandric alimony and child support laws, etc).
Fraternities represent the patriarchy. Men who hook up with college girls represent the privileged patriarchy. They therefore must be destroyed. This is why we now have 'rape culture' based on horrifically falsified rape statistics and laws that strip men of their right to presumption of innocence and due process (Yes Means Yes). I'd be embarrassed to call myself a feminist. Women:

Bombing To Freedom - FKN Newz

The head-lies tonight. "Bombing people to freedom." By Deek Jackson

Russian Jet Intercepted US Spycraft: Report

A Su-27 Russian fighter jet has chased off a US RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace heading ever-so-close to the Russian border, as military tensions between Washington and Moscow grow.
Press TV: The intercept of the US military aircraft was conducted so close by the Russian warplane that they nearly collided with each other.The incident happened on Tuesday. 
They were only 20 feet apart, according to the Pentagon.
Apparently, the incident has prompted diplomatic protest by the US with Pentagon Spokeswoman Eileen M. Lainaz calling the interception unsafe and unprofessional.
Russia replied swiftly to those comments. “As to the professional qualities of our pilots, this is something for the Russian military command to assess,” Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Maj.-General Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday.
Konashenkov added that “as to the professional qualities of our pilots, this is something for the Russian military command to assess.”
He slammed the intervention by the US military saying that US spy planes “are supposed to fly along US borders only and nowhere else”.

Rape Prevention 101: How To Prevent Rape

Preventing this heinous crime is entirely the responsibility of would-be rapists. Here is a simple solution to the problem effecting countless women. This public service message was brought to you by the reasoning of Feminism: don't teach women to be safe, teach men not to rape. Because that makes sense. Forget about the fact that today more men are raped in the US prisoner industrial complex than women in the whole USA.