14 Sep 2015

You're A Liar!

Think you're good at spotting lies? Only if you know what you want to hear. Feminism LOL

Peace Is Patriotic, Zionist Wars Aren't

By Gilad Atzmon: More Pre Traumatic Stress on the Tory's part
Before you watch this I would like to remind you that peace is patriotic and sending young British soldiers to die for Zion is treacherous. Bear in mind that 80% of our Tory MPs are Conservative Friends of Israel. Time for Tory emancipation.

Banksters Will Be Jailed In The Next Financial Crisis

Jesus College, Cambridge hosted, once more, the world’s leading Symposium on Economic Crime, and over 500 distinguished speakers and panelists drawn from the widest possible international fora, gathered to make presentations to the many hundreds of delegates and attendees.
What became very quickly clear this year was the general sense of deep disgust and repugnance that was demonstrated towards the global banking industry.
I can say with some degree of certainty now that a very large number of academics, law enforcement agencies, and financial compliance consultants are now joined, as one, in their total condemnation of significant elements of the global banking sector for their organised criminal activities.
Many banks are widely identified now as nothing more than enterprise criminal organisations, who engage in widespread criminal practice and dishonest conduct as a matter of course and deliberate commercial policy. From the excellent article: The Banking Criminals Exposed
By Michael Krieger: My prediction is that bankers will be jailed in the next economic/financial crisis. Lots and lots of bankers.

How Ecstasy Cured My Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ecstasy is finally being accepted by the lame-stream media as something more than just a party drug. This is a story of how MDMA helped save my life. Carlos Morales.

What Sort Of Rape Hoaxer Are You, Feminist?

By : If you are a feminist, you are a rape hoaxer even if you have not concocted a false sexual assault story about yourself, you are an accomplice: you have likely advocated that we believe someone else’s rape lie, regurgitated distorted, bogus rape statistics like the “1 in 5″ lie, or benefited from the legal fallout from rape hoaxes like the Roe v Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in the United States. Yes, even feminists admit that Roe began as a rape claim made (and later retracted) for political gain.
As we enter the autumn campus rape hoax season on universities around the world, a review of the various types and motivations behind rape hoaxes and rape hoaxers will help us understand this feminist phenomenon and, it is to be hoped, lower the damage they cause to men, women, and society as a whole.
To feminists, rape hoaxes are a political ploy that functions like a well-made multitool: it can work like a screwdriver to screw men over, a pair of pliers to tear money out of men’s wallets, a blade to cut off men’s penises, or a wire cutter to sabotage communication lines in men’s social, educational or professional relationships. Rape hoaxes bring attention to lonely feminists, validate the victim status they crave (for a little while, anyway, unless the hoax is detected) and inevitably undermine the general opinion of actual rape victims, creating a vicious cycle that feminists can exploit in perpetuity to the detriment of actual rape victims and innocent men.

Why It ROCKS To Be A Single Mom - Rebutted!

"Single parenthood is tough. There's no denying that at times it can be exhausting doing it all by yourself. But there are good times, too. Single parents do an amazing job. Here are 15 reasons why being a single parent can really rock." Stefan Molyneux explains why it not only doesn't rock to be a single mom - it really really sucks - especially for any children involved.

Petition UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt To Introduce A Prostate Cancer National Screening Programme

By KEVIN VARDY: I have been diagnosed with aggressive and extensive advanced Prostate cancer. I am 53 years old. The condition is terminal. But if there was a National Prostate Cancer Screening Programme, it is very probable that my condition would have been diagnosed early enough for me to be treated which would have prevented it from being terminal.

My consultant suggests that the cancer started around 3 years ago when I was 50 but that it then spread around six months ago. GP's are issued with Prostate Cancer Risk Management Programme information which is aimed at men aged 50 and over, especially if a father or son had the disease which my father did. But this is only 'guidance' and GP practices can choose how they act on the guidelines.

If I had been called in, when I was 50, to discuss prostate screening my situation would not be the one I am facing today.

Topless Feminists Attempt To Hijack A Muslim Conference

I think it's right around the second kick the feminist said to herself: "This might have been a bad idea." PsychologicalCynic

Yuppie Gold And Pet Rocks

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the great un-banking movement as more people choose not to buy in when the banking system seems rigged against them. In the second half, Max interviews investment banker Ned Naylor Leyland about the latest in yuppie gold pools and pet rocks.

Corbyn’s Victory

By Gilad Atzmon: Jeremy Corbyn’s victory yesterday is a clear message to the British political world. You politicians had better start listening to the people, otherwise you will be out
But his victory goes has ramifications beyond British politics. In recent weeks an alliance made up of British Jewish leadership (BOD, Jewish Chronicle etc.) and heavily supported by their caretakers within the British establishment, have waged a brutal yet counter effective campaign against Corbyn.  The campaign abused and slandered the last gentleman in British politics and probably the nicest man in the parliament. 
Prior to the election, as it became clear that Corbyn was well ahead of his rivals and destined to become the next Labour leader, the Jewish and Zionist media used all of their tricks to destroy him. The Labour leadership contest was subjected to the full range of ‘Jewish sensitivities’: Corbyn was associated with and then accused of Arab and Muslim ‘terror’, ‘treason’ and ‘holocaust denial.’  The British media failed to discuss Corbyn’s politics, his anti austerity plan or even his take on foreign affairs.  But, miraculously, none of that damaged Corbyn’s campaign. Quite the opposite, the more dirt they slung in his direction, the more people rushed to support him.
Before it happened, would anyone have believed that Corbyn would survive the ‘holocaust denial’ slur, or his supposed comradeship with Hamas and Hezbollah? Corbyn’s achievement yesterday was a political earthquake that delivered a clear message to the Jews and their Sabbos Goyim -- beware, the Brits are going through a transition.

Fancy Getting Fired, Chaps? Just Say 'That's A Pretty Frock'

Hell hath no fury
like a #fearless feminist complimented
By RACHEL JOHNSON: I’ll always remember where I was when I heard the news that a 57-year-old married solicitor from Cambridgeshire had messaged a young barrister called Charlotte Proudman on a popular professional networking site.
The chap clearly hadn’t done due diligence on the pert, bobbed brunette 30 years his junior who had caught his eye on LinkedIn as he was busy timewasting one afternoon.
If he’d only looked at Twitter rather than the inviting photograph she’d uploaded (and if she didn’t want anyone to look, why put up a pouty pic?), he’d have known that Ms Proudman self-identified as ‘#fearless feminist’ because ‘rape, prostitution & pornography are problems of male dominance’. And therefore perhaps not the optimum target for his heavy attempt at gallantry.
Anyway, only his first four words – he opened with ‘Charlotte, delighted to connect’ – managed to be inoffensive to her. Things shot downhill from there.
‘I appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically incorrect,’ he ploughed on (note to the male sex – if you think for a single second that what you are about to say is going to bomb with the gorgeous, younger, foxier female you’re talking to, these days it’s far safer not to say it) ‘but that is a stunning picture.’
Then he goofily offered her a prize for ‘the best LinkedIn picture I have ever seen’.
At this point we are reminded that hell hath no fury like a #fearless feminist complimented. Even though she has Facebooked hot young men her age and written comments under their posted pictures such as ‘oooh lalala’ and ‘hot stuff’, Proudman retaliated like a crazed Israeli land thief to this mild tribute from the older chap, a Mr Alexander Carter-Silk.