17 Sep 2016

The Bolshevik Butchers Jewish Hand

Zionist Report: The hand, behind the Bolshevik Revolution, and subsequent communist rule in Eastern Europe, was a Jewish hand. Most of the key players were Jews and were involved in some of the most horrific human catastrophes of that time.

Ukrainian Chicken Moment

Max and Stacy discuss the ‘Ukrainian chicken moment’ in the bond market and ‘adorable Uncle’ Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary being sued after allegations of ‘siphoning’ money from bike couriers through complex derivatives masquerading as insurance products. In the second half Max interviews Michael Krieger of LibertyBlitzkrieg.com about the global extinction level event he sees on the world’s economic horizon.

Russia Bans Pornhub And YouPorn And How We Can Prepare For Future Bans Ourselves

Raging Golden Eagle: In an effort to get people reproducing again, they have banned 2 major porn sites. Cause that's way easier than fixing some major problems and creating an environment where men would find it desirable to have relationships and kids.

Gender Aware Swedish TV Gives Kids’ Trucks A Sex Swap

By Mike Buchanan, J4MB: Lunacy in Sweden. SVT is Sweden’s equivalent of the BBC, and obviously as infected with gender ideologues. An excerpt:
Pontus Torpvret, purchasing manager at SVT’s children’s channel Barnkanalen, told Aftonbladet that they chose which characters to change with an eye to giving girls strong role models: “Girls who climb trees, girls who build go-karts, girls who go on adventures. Like girls actually do in real life,” he said.
On which planet do girls climb trees and build go-karts?
In 2014 AVfM published my article on the BBC being a job creation scehem for women, run by women. It has long been a feminist propaganda machine, of course.

UK Domestic Violence Charities’ Finances

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: My last post implied that the next would be on child homicides. I am delaying that until late-October, but it will appear. Instead, the present post, which may appear to be on a completely separate topic, does actually provide background to what will follow next month – the connection will become apparent then.
UK Domestic Violence Charities’ Finances, 2015
The data presented below was collated between June and December 2015. The post is long and detailed – even by mra-uk standards – having not been intended to form a blog post initially. So I start with a simple summary…
What is the overall level of public funding to UK Domestic Violence (DV) charities? The answer is not widely known (is it known at all outside the closed doors of the sector itself?). The financing of the DV sector is obscure partly because of the many hundreds of different charities in the sector.
The analysis presented here derives an estimate of total funding to the UK DV charities of £295M p.a. of which at least 68% is public money provided by the tax payer. Of the total income, 64% is expended on staff costs and only an estimated 11% on the non-staff costs of running refuges. The total number of women supported in refuges by Woman’s Aid federated charities or Refuge in 2014/15 was about 12,650. This compares with an estimated number of staff employed in DV charities of 7,700 (not all full-time).

The Mandi Gray Rape Case

Professor Fiamengo analyzes the Mandi Gray Rape Case in which a graduate student Mandi Gray invited Mustafa Ururyar for drinks followed by "hot sex" and later charged him with rape. Ururyar was convicted in a controversial case in which he claims Gray was angry because he wanted to terminate the relationship. It appears to be a he-said, she-said case in which Judge Marvin Zuker appeared to be biased against the defendant.

Protecting Women From The World

By criminalising sexism,
the [UK] police are acting like Victorian chaperones.
By Naomi Firsht: Police forces across England and Wales are considering expanding their definitions of hate crime to include misogyny following a ‘successful’ experiment in Nottingham. Since the scheme was introduced in April, 21 misogynistic incidents have been reported to Nottinghamshire Police.
Specially trained officers have been targeting behaviour ranging from ‘unwanted or uninvited verbal contact or engagement’ to ‘unwanted sexual advances’ and actual physical assault. While other police forces are keen to sign up, no doubt to boost their right-on credentials, the results of this experiment merit a second look.

Rich Scum To Win US Election - The FKN Newz