26 May 2017

Jewish Survival Strategies: An Interview with Gilad Atzmon

Introduction by GA:  In this interview, Aedon Cassiel (Counter-Currents) focuses on the most problematic and controversial aspects in my work. We spoke about Jewish power in the context of race, biology, genes and eugenics. We delved into Jewish survival strategies, controlled opposition, the identitarian dystopia and nationalist nostalgia. We also looked at The Bell Curve and cognitive partitioning. Cassiel didn't cut me slack. He criticised my work form right wing vintage. I must admit that I had a lot of fun with his questions. 
By Aedon Cassiel: In your work, who do you consider yourself to be speaking to? If you don’t have a specific audience in mind, then my question is: if only one group of people could hear your message, who would you choose, and what would you have them do about it?
This is important to me. I do not intend to speak to people of any specific persuasion. I am not an activist and have zero interest in political involvement. I am engaged in an intellectual search. Jews fascinate me – their troubled history, their survival strategies, their overrepresentation in media, politics, banking, the Manhattan Project, the list of the one hundred worst landlords in New York City, academia, and their dominance in political lobbying. I am trying to identify the cultural roots at the core of all that. In short, I am interested in the metaphysics that forms the Jew rather than the Jew himself. I am after culture and ideology.

Cover Stories Are Used To Control Explanations

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Years ago James Jesus Angleton left me with the impression that when an intelligence agency, such as the CIA, pulls off an assassination, bombing, or any event with which the agency does not wish to be associated, the agency uses the media to control the explanation by quickly putting into place a cover story that, along with several others, has been prepared in advance. I suggested that the new story that “the Saudis did 9/11” was put into play to take the place of the worn and battered first cover story. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/07/20/is-the-saudi-911-story-part-of-the-deception-paul-craig-roberts/
When the Oswald cover story for JFK’s assassination came under heavy suspicion http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/05/24/jfk-100-paul-craig-roberts/, other cover stories appeared in the media. One was that the Mafia killed JFK, because he was having affairs with their molls.
The fact that it made no sense did not stop many from believing it. It did not occur to people more gullible than thoughtful that a gangster would simply get another woman and not take the risk of assassinating the US president over a woman. The last thing the Mafia would want would be for Attorney General Robert Kennedy to bring the law down on the Mafia like a ton of bricks.
Another cover story was that Castro did it. This made even less sense.

False Flag In Manchester?

'Al-Qaeda and most other terror groups fighting in the Middle East proxy-wars for the West,
are the creation of the West.'
By Peter Koenig: Government assisted killing of their own citizens for political purposes has become a common pattern. The media are getting ever bolder in disguising such events as ‘Terror’, spreading fear. The public swallows these lies again and again.
British elections are planned for 8 June 2017.
At the end of a pop concert by US singer Ariana Grande in Manchester, an enormous ‘controlled’ explosion killed at least 22 people and injured 59, as reported by British media. Many of them are children and adolescents, as most of the concert-goers were young people.
The singer is unharmed. The concert hall accommodates 21,000 people. After the blast, panic broke loose, resulting in a mass stampede. It is not clear whether people were also killed in the stampede.
Hours after the explosion, although BBC reported it was not evident what exactly happened, UK police and authorities talked immediately of an act of terror.

Governments Will Keep On Trying To Regulate The Internet

We have to win every single time.
For liberty is not on the side of entropy.

The Hazards Of Defending Trans-Racialism

StudioBrule: Professor Fiamengo analyses the wild accusations of violence and harm, and groveling apologies at the feminist “philosophy” journal, Hypatia, over their decision to publish an article by a feminist philosopher named Rebecca Tuvel called “In Defense of Transracialism”.

Why Is Canada’s NDP Supporting Jewish Israeli Racism?

By Yves Engler: Should a social democratic party’s spokesperson on foreign affairs address the Israel lobby’s top annual event and legitimize an explicitly racist institution? These are questions those currently vying for leadership of Canada’s New Democratic Party must be pressed to answer.
Why is NDP foreign affairs spokesperson Hélène Laverdière legitimizing anti-Palestinian organizations?
According to the Canadian Parliament’s recently released disclosure of members’ sponsored travel, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) paid for the New Democratic Party’s foreign affairs spokesperson Hélène Laverdière to speak on a panel at its conference last year.
The notorious anti-Palestinian lobby group spent more than $740 on her flight and accommodation in Washington, DC.
Months after her AIPAC speech, Laverdière participated in a Jewish National Fund tree-planting ceremony in Jerusalem. During a visit to Israel with Canada’s governor general, Laverdière attended a ceremony with the fund’s world chairman Danny Atar and a number of other top officials.
The Jewish National Fund controls 13 percent of Israel’s land, which was mostly seized from Palestinians forced from their homes by Zionist militias during the 1947-1948 ethnic cleansing known to Palestinians as the Nakba, Arabic for catastrophe.

25 May 2017

Men Are Now Refusing To Speak To Women + Marriage Or Jail? + The Rise Of The MGTOW Hermit

ANGRY MGTOW: MGTOW understand the true nature of feminism, and for this reason, MGTOW are men going their own way.

It Was Muh Toxic Masculinity Done Did It!

Mango On Byzantine Literature And Byzantine Anti-Feminism

Cyril Mango’s 1980 book Byzantium: The Empire of the New Rome influentially described Byzantine literature and Byzantine anti-feminism. Mango published this book from his lofty position as Bywater and Sotheby Professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature at the University of Oxford. Mango’s introduction recognized that “Byzantine” inaptly labels the continuation of the Roman Empire. Yet Mango’s descriptions of Byzantine literature and Byzantine anti-feminism are much more misleading.
Misunderstanding largely defines popular western understanding of the fall of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire didn’t fall in the fifth century in accordance with the influential myth of eighteenth-century English historian Edward Gibbon. The Roman Empire continued at its capital at Constantinople until western European crusaders took Constantinople in 1204. Common use of the term Byzantium and Byzantine for the post-fifth-century continuation of the Roman Empire began only from the time of the European Renaissance. The issue isn’t merely the historical pedigree of a particular term. Separating the Roman Empire from Byzantium separated classical culture from its eastern Christian continuation. That conceptual separation has contributed to learned misunderstanding and cultured bigotry.

'Criminal Organisation Deutsche Bank'

Max and Stacy discuss Deutsche Bank: International criminal organisation. So says the judges presiding over the case of the collapse of the world's oldest bank at the hands of some deadly derivatives. In the second half, Max interviews J.P. Sottile of Newsvandal.com about the robot economy and the future of employment.

Gilad's First 'On Time' Interview

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: Interviewed by the witty and glamorous Nedka Babliku.
We covered many of the aspect of the book: Athens & Jerusalem, controlled opposition, holocaust religion, the post political condition, Corbyn, Trump, cognitive partitioning and the bell curve and many more topics.

“Martyrs Of Marriage” - A Review

By : Our own Lucian Vâlsan got a chance to watch Martyrs of Marriage the documentary that will be screened for the first time outside India at the ICMI17 in Australia.
Martyrs of Marriage is a documentary film that documents the injustice that has been perpetrated on people because of misuse of section 498A of Indian Penal Code.
It’s a first-person feature-length documentary by independent journalist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj.
An absolute must-watch for those interested in practical politics.

Secrets About Trump's First Foreign Trip

"What few jobs the arms deal brings to America will be outweighed by world wars for the Jews! ...The Jewish state, not just a stolen state, but an apartheid state!"
Said Ex Jew Nathanael.

Live With The Liberty Belles

StudioBrule: The Liberty Belles are four female cultural critics from London, England: Catherine Kitsis - Paula Wright - Elizabeth Butler - Natoya Raymond.

Manchester Attack: What They ARE Telling You

"They want to be able to control what you think and they want to be able to control what you say."

America Has Become A Total Joke

I’ve stopped calling what our government has done a cover-up. Cover-up suggests a passive activity. What they’re doing now I call aggressive deception. – Former Senator Bob Graham, co-chair of Congress’s 9/11 Joint Inquiry
By Michael Krieger: This country is becoming a total joke and it’s not merely because of Donald Trump. While he’s certainly becoming a key player in our national embarrassment, this country’s decent into a reckless Banana Republic has been a long time coming.
Let’s take stock of where things stand in mid-2017. Our opposition Democratic Party (Hillary in a leather jacket yelling about Russia) is a joke. Our corporate media is a joke. Our foreign policy is a joke. Our economy is a joke. Our justice system is a joke. It’s all a joke, and it might even be somewhat humorous if it wasn’t so incredibly dangerous.
Today’s post will focus on Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia, a revolting spectacle which I could barely bring myself to follow.
'Blessed are the arm dealers,
for they shall inherit the earth.'

24 May 2017

"The Power Of The Penis" Beauty And Sex

JFK At 100

'His assassination removed the constraints on Israels illegal activities.'
By Paul Craig Roberts: This Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, 2017, is the 100th birthday of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States.
JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963, as he approached the end of his third year in office. Researchers who spent years studying the evidence have concluded that President Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy between the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secret Service. (See, for example, JFK and the Unspeakable by James W. Douglass)
Kennedy entered office as a cold warrior, but he learned from his interaction with the CIA and Joint Chiefs that the military/security complex had an agenda that was self-interested and a danger to humanity. He began working to defuse tensions with the Soviet Union. His rejections of plans to invade Cuba, of the Northwoods project, of a preemptive nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, and his intention to withdraw from Vietnam after his reelection, together with some of his speeches signaling a new approach to foreign policy in the nuclear age (see for example, https://www.jfklibrary.org/Asset-Viewer/BWC7I4C9QUmLG9J6I8oy8w.aspx ), convinced the military/security complex that he was a threat to their interests. Cold War conservatives regarded him as naive about the Soviet Threat and a liability to US national security. These were the reasons for his assassination.

Women! Can’t Live With ‘Em You Say? Sure We Can

By : The modern MHRM that I entered back in 2011 has had an absorbing transition over the years characterized by a heartening series of victories.
It was a hard slog to keep up the work and the morale in that environment of powerful opposition and almost complete mainstream media silence, broken only occasionally by a slew of hateful propaganda and wilful misinformation on what came to be known as the manosphere.
How times have changed!
With our success has come a few growing pains and I will attempt to address one of them now.
Without doubt, the strongest voices in the MHRM are women. We only need think of Karen Straughan and her legion of YouTube subscribers or Cassie Jaye and the center stage spotlight she commands today. Just two of a wide variety of females throwing energy and reputation on to the table for a gender other than their own.

MIC Blowback: Suicide Bomber Who "Did Not Act Alone", Had "Proven Links To [Israel And US Supported] ISIS"

By Tyler Durden: Just hours after the UK raised its terror alert to Critical, or the highest possible, for the first time in ten years, Britain’s Inferior minister Amber Rudd said that Salman Abedi, the Manchester suicide bomber who killed 22 people at a concert venue, and had recently returned from Libya had likely not acted alone and troops were being deployed to key sites across Britain to help prevent further attacks according to the FT.
Salman Abedi, the suspect in the Manchester attack
Rudd said on BBC radio that the bombing was “more sophisticated than some of the attacks we’ve seen before, and it seems likely, possible, that he wasn’t doing this on his own.” She said Abedi had been known to security services before the bombing. Asked about reports that Abedi had recently returned from Libya, Rudd said she believed that had now been confirmed.
Rudd said up to 3,800 soldiers could be deployed on Britain's streets, taking on guard duties at places like Buckingham Palace and Downing Street to free up police to focus on patrols and investigation.

Manchester Tragedy: Understanding The Big Picture

RonPaul: Yesterday's tragedy at a Manchester, UK pop concert reminds us again that terrorism is alive and well. ISIS claimed responsibility and governments will respond. But will their response make future attacks more or less likely? Looking at the larger war.

Is Canada's Radical-Feminist Government Outside The Law?

johntheother: How does an opposition party private member's bill get fast tracked and voted in with no opposing votes? How is this possible without a conspiracy?

Dr. Ron Paul On The Drug War: Will The Trump Administration OD On Authoritarianism?

By Dr. Ron Paul: Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors in drug cases to seek the maximum penalty authorized by federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Sessions’ order represents a setback to the progress made toward restoring compassion and common sense to the sentencing process over the past few years. Sessions’ action also guarantees that many nonviolent drug law offenders will continue spending more time in prison than murderers.
Sessions’ support for mandatory minimums is no surprise, as he has a history of fanatical devotion to the drug war. Sessions’ pro-drug war stance is at odds with the reality of the drug war’s failure. Over forty years after President Nixon declared war on drugs, the government cannot even keep drugs out of prisons!
As was the case with alcohol prohibition, the drug war has empowered criminal gangs and even terrorists to take advantage of the opportunity presented by prohibition to profit by meeting the continued demand for drugs. Drug prohibition enables these criminal enterprises to make profits far above the potential profits if drugs where legalized. Ironically, the so-called “law-and-order” politicians who support the drug war are helping enrich the very criminals they claim to oppose!

Manchester Attacks: What Price Hypocrisy?

The lack of a coherent anti-terrorism strategy in Washington and by extension the West, as emergency services deal with the devastating aftermath of yet another terrorist atrocity in Europe – this time a suicide bomb attack at a concert in Manchester, England – has been thrown into sharp relief during President Trump’s tour of the Middle East.

Specifically, on what planet can Iran be credibly accused of funding and supporting terrorism while Saudi Arabia is considered a viable partner in the fight against terrorism? This is precisely the narrative we are being invited to embrace by President Trump in what counts as a retreat from reality into the realms of fantasy, undertaken in service not to security but commerce.

23 May 2017

Feminist Steve Shives Is Losing His Mind

Regards, Bearing.

UK Deploys Army And Raises Terror Threat Status To Critical, Pry Minister Claims "More Attacks Imminent"

By Tyler Durden: In a televised statement from Downing Street, UK Pry Minister Theresa May said Britain has increased its security threat level to the highest possible "critical" from "severe", following Monday's retaliatory Libyan suicide attack in Manchester that killed 22 people, and she also said members of the army would be positioned at key sites to free up police for patrols and military personnel might be deployed at public events such as concerts and sports events as a further attack was seen as potentially imminent.
“Members of the armed forces deployed in this way will be under the command of police officers,” May said, adding that "we cannot ignore that there is a wider group of individuals linked to Manchester attack".
The Prime Minister also said 'the independent body' which sets the threat level had recommended it be raised from "severe" after a man named by police as Salman Abedi set off an improvised bomb on Monday night as crowds streamed out of a concert.

'Long Live Trump!'

Max and Stacy discuss how the new SALT conference is profiting from the distraction that is Cold War 2.0. While the Beltway media’s emotional and hysterical breakdown continues in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s humiliating political defeat to Donald Trump, the finance elite are winning bigly with deregulation and privatization under the cloak of #russiagate darkness. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Michael Pento of pentoport.com about debt and taxes in the age of Trump.

Truth Has Become Un-American

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Those of us who have exited The Matrix are concerned that there are no checks on Washington’s use of nuclear weapons in the interest of US hegemony over the world.
Washington and Israel are the threats to peace. Washington demands world hegemony, and Israel demands hegemony in the Middle East.
There are two countries that stand in the way of Washington’s world hegemony—Russia and China. Consequently, Washington has plans for preemptive nuclear strikes against both countries. It is difficult to imagine a more serious threat to mankind, and there is no awareness or acknowledgment of this threat among the Congress, the presstitute media, and the general public in the United States and Washington’s European vassal populations.
Two countries and a part of a third stand in the way of Greater Israel. Israel wants the water resources of southern Lebanon, but cannot get them, despite twice sending in the Israeli Army, because of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, which is supplied by Syria and Iran. This is why Syria and Iran are on Washington’s hit list. Washington serves the military/security complex, Wall Street and the over-sized US banks, and Israel.

Canada's New Feminist Courts

'Canada is no longer a functioning democratic system, it has become part of a tin pot dictatorship and I mean no hyperbole when I say that. ...A departure from one of the basic tenants of western civilization' Said johntheother. We have the now-departed Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose to thank.

Not To Worry, Ariana Grande's 'Okay' - But Everyone Be Very Afraid And Vote Fascist Warmonger From Now ON

Zionist Jewish owned news media 'Sky'...putting their usual
Zio spin on events. As Deek Jackson said. "From the makers of 9/11,
7/7, Je suis Charlie and National Lampoons Belgian Gihad.
Don't even think twice about how many 'sand nigger babies' Britain has bombed over the years, just stay calm
and remain ambivalent about British support of murdering regimes in the Middle East for decades."

Gilad Atzmon’s Journey Through Post-Modern Crises

By Adam Garrie: In Being In Time, author and musician Gilad Atzmon explores the historical and psychological basis for the many crises gripping the western world.
Many of the same people lament the state of a broad, however amorphous western society that has succumbed to the trends of hyper-identity politics, political and economic sectarianism, brutal financial capitalism and the death of industry and censorship in societies that still preach the self-righteous yet vague cause of ‘freedom’.
In Being In Time, author Gilad Atzmon offers a philosophical explanation for how these divergent trends are actually systematic outgrowths of societies simultaneously bewitched and confused by the abject failures of the three domineering ideologies of the 20th century: communism, fascism and liberalism.
Atzmon approaches how an uneasy calm in mid-20th century western states has given way to a world where the dams of free speech, prosperity and political predictability have been burst open leading to a flood of insecurity, third world style poverty and perhaps most importantly for Atzmon, the poverty of ideas.

The Marriage Of Socrates, Friendship And Life And Death Of The Sole

You yourself, Aristomenes, were you there on the day that Socrates married?
Yes, I was, and it makes me tremble to recall the strange mix of pleasure and pain with which we, his friends, saw him led to the altar. We gathered at the Cock & Bull for his bachelor party. No topless serving girls jiggling with trays, no pole-dancing beauties with marvelous twists and turns caressing poles — Socrates desired only to sit and drink and talk with his friends.
So, what did the man say before getting married? How did he prepare himself to meet that end? We all crowded around to learn how Fate had struck.

Trump’s High School Yearbook Picture + More War-War - Sketchaganda

22 May 2017

Violent Men: When Harry Hit Mary

Monogamy, Pair-Bonding, Family And Relationships

By Jordan Holbrook: I would like to read to you some feminist quotes and discuss their implications because these quotes, as well as the sentiments that drive them (and in turn, drives the wider movement), are so pernicious and vitriolic that they should never be accepted and only entertained with caution. - I wish to express again and stress the element of caution because to give fuel to these incendiary ideas, especially when seated with those whom feel short-changed by life, looking for someone to scapegoat, will allow such individuals to wreak havoc – as we have already seen be done by the ideologues of the Left.

Doctor Repairs FGM And Supports Genital Integrity For ALL Children

Bonobo3D: After presenting a poster on clitoral reconstruction after female genital mutilation at the the ACOG conference in San Diego, Dr. Harold Henning spoke with human rights activists, offering support and encouragement, sharing his thoughts on male genital mutilation. Henning refers to pioneering surgeon Pierre Foldès and working with Dr. Marci Bowers in the US and Africa restoring sexual function and pleasure to women who are survivors of genital mutilation.

White Moonlighting

DoctorRandomercam: Y'all can never figure out what these are about, so I'll just tell you. This is not about the sun. It's about the earth. It's not about the blank face drawn on the wall. It's about the skewed faces wailing at it. Look at those eyes a second time. Hope that clarifies it :P

UK Threatens To Quit Brexit Talks Over Excessive 'Divorce Payment' Demands

By Tyler Durden: With negotiations between the UK and EU likely to formally begin on June 19, Bloomberg reports that Brexit Secretary David Davis has pre-emptively lashed out at EU officials, threatening that "The UK will quit talks on leaving the European Union unless the bloc drops its demands for a divorce payment as high as EUR100bn." 
Britain’s negotiations would otherwise be plunged into “chaos,” and even a 1 billion-pound settlement would be “a lot of money,” Davis said in an interview published in the Sunday Times.
As Bloomberg notes, the size of Britain’s exit bill, and which types of negotiations can begin before it has been agreed, has been a source of debate for weeks.
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said the U.K. will have to pay about 50 billion pounds, while Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has signaled a figure between 40 billion euros and 60 billion euros.

Getting Julian Assange: The Untold Story

'WikiLeaks has exposed the way America dominates
much of human affairs, including its epic crimes, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq: the wholesale,
often homicidal killing of civilians and
the contempt for sovereignty and international law.'
By John Pilger: Julian Assange has been vindicated because the Swedish case against him was corrupt. The prosecutor, Marianne Ny, obstructed justice and should be prosecuted. Her obsession with Assange not only embarrassed her colleagues and the judiciary but exposed the Swedish state’s collusion with the United States in its crimes of war and “rendition”.

Had Assange not sought refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, he would have been on his way to the kind of American torture pit Chelsea Manning had to endure.
This prospect was obscured by the grim farce played out in Sweden.
“It’s a laughing stock,” said James Catlin, one of Assange’s Australian lawyers. “It is as if they make it up as they go along”.

Judge Pepe Needed In Canada

Feminism KEK: Justice has gone to hell in Canada. No surprise. Also, the Queen's a c#nt.

Procopius To Sardou: Gender In Demonization Of Justinian & Theodora

A mass-market book, co-authored by an eminent anthropologist and published in 1996, demonized males. While demonizing and pathologizing men signals social virtue today, demonizing women would probably be regarded as a hate crime. That wasn’t the case in more liberal and tolerant Byzantine society. In his Secret History, the leading sixth-century Byzantine historian Procopius demonized both Empress Theodora and Emperor Justinian. Yet, revealing a deep pattern of gynocentric society, Procopius demonized Justinian much more extensively than he did Theodora. More than a millennium later, Victorien Sardou’s play Théodora was a smash-hit in Paris. That play makes clear that convincingly demonizing a woman is scarcely feasible in a broadly popular work.
According to Procopius, Theodora and Justinian were demons. The two of them together were demons:

both to me and also to many of us these two never seemed to be human beings at all but rather murderous demons of some kind,

President Donald Trump Goes Full Jew-Triggered Warmonger

President Donald Trump's Full Speech to Muslim World Leaders
President Donald Trump spoke to Muslim World leaders during his first foreign trip as president to Saudi Arabia.
"From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms, and trains terrorists, militias, and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region. For decades, Iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror."

Lost Souls + Something Good


21 May 2017

Who Cares?

By William Collins aka MRA-UK: In an article in The Times on 17/5/17, “Caring for the elderly shouldn’t be a girl’s job“, Alice Thomson criticises Mrs May’s manifesto policy to force companies to allow workers to take up to a year of unpaid leave to look after an elderly or sick relative. Her gripe is that “it’s women who are going to bear the brunt of this new plan“. I will make no comment on the policy itself, only on the factual veracity, or otherwise, of this claim of Thomson’s.
Thomson pads out her article with a number of misdirecting irrelevancies, such as issues around paid caring, and maternity versus paternity leave. The issue, though, is who are the unpaid carers? The only ‘evidence’ Thomson offers in the article is,
It’s women who are going to bear the brunt of this new plan….Daughters are twice as likely as sons to become carers, according to the Office for National Statistics
Probably most people would think so – because most people have the impression that almost all unpaid caring is done by women. But it isn’t.
I recall that, in 2014, the Men’s Health Forum published a report which showed that, over all age ranges, men are 42% of unpaid carers. I looked it up again to make sure. Here it is,

Nikephoros Gregoras To Husband Being Cuckolded By Beautiful Wife

: In fourteenth-century Constantinople, the eminent intellectual Nikephoros Gregoras wrote an eloquent letter in Greek to an unnamed friend. Gregoras’s friend had a beautiful wife. She began cuckolding him only a few days after their marriage. She apparently was also falsely accusing him of sexual improprieties. While expressing outrage and sympathy, Gregoras urged his friend to accept his marital fate as the natural order in marrying a beautiful woman.
Gregoras’s letter begins with a vague declaration, “I know it very well.” The letter then immediately shifts to intimate, second-personal address. “I know it very well” seems to refer to being cuckolded. Gregoras’s letter shows that he understands cuckolding through examples in classical literature. But his introductory declaration seems personal. It suggests that Gregoras too has been cuckolded.
Gregoras also refers to an unnamed “excellent man” who has informed him yesterday about the addressee’s situation.

The Nuttyest Professor

Gary Orsum: Another regressive university lecturer who thinks white people should just step aside.

News: Because Vagina

Turd Flinging Monkey: What? Were you expecting anything else?

U.S. Attacks Syrian Government Forces - It Now Has To Make Its Choice

By Moon Of Alabama: The Syrian army is on the way to liberate the ISIS besieged city of some 100,000 and garrison of Deir Ezzor in the east of the country. The U.S. has trained a few thousand "New Syrian Army" insurgents in Jordan and is reportedly prepared to march these and its own forces from Jordan through the east-Syrian desert all the way up to Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. About a year ago it occupied the al-Tanf (al-Tanaf) border station which consists of only a few buildings in the mid of the desert. The station between Syria and Iraq near the Jordan border triangle was previously held by a small ISIS group.
A U.S. move from the south up towards the Euphrates would cut off the Syrian government from the whole south-east of the country and from its people in Deir Ezzor. While that area is sparsely populated it also has medium size oil and gas fields and is the land connection to the Syrian allies in Iraq.
With the western part of the country relatively quiet, the Syrian government and its allies decided to finally retake the south-eastern provinces from ISIS. They want to lift the ISIS siege on Deir Ezzor and close the border between Syria and Iraq with its own forces. The move will also block any potential U.S. invasion from the south by retaking the road to al-Tanf and the Syrian-Iraqi border (red arrows). The sovereign Syrian state will not give up half of the country to an illegal occupation by ISIS or the U.S.

Trump Brings Nothing To Palestinians

By Omar Karmi: Misdirection is the way of magic and conmanship. Control people’s attention and lead them on a merry dance. Have them hand over their wallets or change your clothes in front of a roomful of people without anyone noticing.
It works just as well in politics. Uncomfortable with the public narrative? Don’t answer the question; change the topic; resort to the passive voice or just bomb somewhere (aka, diversionary war theory).
Donald Trump, pictured in the White House with Saudi Arabia’s deputy crown prince Muhammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
As Donald Trump embarks on his first foreign trip – reportedly with some reluctance – his entire short tenure as president is beginning to look like one giant diversion, a misdirection so big you find yourself looking everywhere to find out what the “real” story is and checking for that wallet.
Is Trump a master manipulator of the media? Perhaps. But when the 45th US president touches down in the Saudi capital Riyadh for the first leg of a trip that will see him also visit Jerusalem, the Vatican and Brussels – where NATO officials are preparing talking points tailored to a short attention span

A Review Of "Being In Time: The Post-Political Manifesto"

By June Terpstra: Firmly rooted in the Western intellectual tradition, Gilad Atzmon's "Being In Time" opens doors to shed light on the particular ideological constructs that influenced the schools and movements of left and right political wings that have produced a world in poverty and war, offering a matrix of controlled opposition embedded in modern, Jewish, secular politics to distract and destroy from within. Atzmon's analysis, written like an intellectual jazz composition, celebrates Athenian philosophical calls to reason while urging the unpacking of political ideology to reveal the con-game being played to keep power in the hands of those who already have it.
In the first half of the book Atzmon offers a brilliant decoding of left and right wings of the Imperial Houses of Domination. On the left, he gives the reader Marx, Adorno, and the Frankenfurters defending principles of utopianism and what ought to be. To the right, are Breitbart, Murry and Hernnstein, playing Johnny one note for conserving the structures of power in hopes to hold on to their piece of that pie. Atzmon suggests that, "instead of looking at the world through the lens of the Right/Left dichotomy, or a particular ideological perspective, it will be more instructive to impose a meta-ideological method that juxtaposes 'the humane' i.e. the human condition and the political spectrum as a whole. Instead of imposing any particular ideology, be it Right, Left, Marxism, Capitalism, Liberalism, Fascism and so on I want to examine the relationship between a political system and the human condition."

The Conceptual Penis As A Social Construct: A Sokal-Style Hoax On Gender Studies

The Hoax:
"The androcentric scientific and meta-scientific evidence that the penis is the male reproductive organ is considered overwhelming and largely uncontroversial.” 
By : That’s how we began. We used this preposterous sentence to open a “paper” consisting of 3,000 words of utter nonsense posing as academic scholarship. Then a peer-reviewed academic journal in the social sciences accepted and published it.
This paper should never have been published. Titled, “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct,” our paper “argues” that “The penis vis-à-vis maleness is an incoherent construct. We argue that the conceptual penis is better understood not as an anatomical organ but as a gender-performative, highly fluid social construct.” As if to prove philosopher David Hume’s claim that there is a deep gap between what is and what ought to be, our should-never-have-been-published paper was published in the open-access (meaning that articles are freely accessible and not behind a paywall), peer-reviewed journal Cogent Social Sciences. (In case the PDF is removed, we’ve archived it.)

20 May 2017

This Girl Can Wield A Knife But Does That Make Her A Heart Surgeon?

By Laura Perrins: Just how rotten is the culture and what is going on with the students? On close reading of the case of Lavina Woodward suggests that all is not what it should be in the Dreaming Spires.
Press reports about the ‘extraordinary medical student and aspiring heart surgeon’ who stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife caused outrage because of the suggestion that she may not go to jail. In truth, legally, this is not that surprising as explained here.
However, The Times report hinted at the culture that exists at the university.
“Lavinia Woodward, 24, is an aspiring heart surgeon who met the man, a Cambridge graduate, on Tinder. During a drink and drug-fuelled row at Christ Church, Oxford, last September, she punched him and swiped at him with a bread knife. She then stabbed him in the leg before hurling a laptop, a glass and a jam jar at him.”
In terms of what happened on the night of the assault: “Cathy Olliver, for the prosecution, said that Woodward had met the man on Tinder and that by the time of the attack on September 30 her behaviour had deteriorated.
“The student’s boyfriend — who was not named in court because he is a victim of domestic violence — called Woodward’s mother on Skype. Woodward then punched him in the face before picking up a bread knife and stabbing him in the leg.”